Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Social Club #4 – That’s Amore

Kate hosted us in her apartment in the Cape Royale, we were all in for a treat!  Kristina, Marli and I shared a taxi (we all know that Kate lives walking distance from the nightclub Jade and after a few vino’s our rubber arms will be twisted and we will end up there, thus no drinking & driving!) and the taxi driver asked us, are you ladies late, because you all ready and running to the car.  I said no, we are just very excited for Social Club!!

Kristina, Natalie, Karma, Kelly and Jacky

Always happy to see each other, hugs, screams of delight, kisses and a quick catch up with everyone.
We all got a chef’s hat, which was handmade by the host herself, Kate! Flashing of Cameras and a quick look in the mirror and everyone was “Balisimo”. Sjoe… and then the vino was flowing and Finally, Social Club #4 was officially on its way.

All the girls

Next on the agenda is to try and catch up with everybody’s lives since we saw each other a month ago.  Our talks are juicy: we talk about The ex, Flings and / or future men in our lives. I must say it was quite overwhelming as we (especially me) can get very loud and everybody speaks at once!  As from our next Social Club we’ll have new ground rules, i.e. you can only talk when you have the object (will have to find something) in your hand and everyone else have to listen.  If anyone talks out of turn they will be penalised.  I will have to give it some thought as to what the “punishment” would be.

The snacks were so delish: French bread, olive tapenade, basil, olives and tomato relish.

The Social Club new skill #4: Pasta Making!

Process of making the Ravioli

Kate taught us how to make ricotta ravioli from scratch!  Kate prepared the pasta beforehand as this is a lengthy process.  We rolled the pasta out and put it through the pasta maker, while pulling it from the other side as it comes out so that it stretches.  We did that a few times until it was long and thin enough.  We scooped a mixture of ricotta onto the pasta sheet and placed another sheet on top, pressing down all along the filling and ensuring that there are no bubbles.  Then cut it out a cm away from the filling and it’s done.  Popping it into boiling water for a few minutes and serve with tomato pasta sauce.  OMG! It was so tasty and authentic.  And as you can see I didn't take any notes (I blame this on the wine and good company)!

Kristina & Jacqui hard at work
Having fun making pasta

Now this was  unexpected, the highlight of my night, a little block of what I call a ‘mouthgasm’ (no auto correct I do not want to spell mouthwash), in other words: a rice crispy square covered in melted Mars bar.  Rice crispy squares have been my favourite treat since a child, but covered in melted Mars bar is just the cherry on the cake!  Hence me eating 6 of these squares and I am actually on a highly healthy eating plan, but I justified this with me going to Jade and dancing it off!

Afterwards most of us were still up for a boogie, so after a little nose powdering and lip gloss, and we were ready to hit the club. Click Clack Click Clack with the high heels down the road and straight onto the dance floor (via the bar to get a drink).  The place was packed like sardines and I must say not ideal for me, as you just blink an eye (or bat an eyelash, whichever you prefer) and gone are your friends!  So the rest of the night was very eventful but cannot be disclosed as this is not officially part of the Social Club, all I will say is that some parts involved the following: a bouncy couch, gangnam style and 5am!  Oh and a lot of fun.

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