Sunday, 2 March 2014

Natsnotfazed Monthly Mixes - Because We Can

Okay so I feel kinda stupid for calling this Natsnotfazed "monthly" mixes when actually it was 6 months ago I shared a mix with you. Apologies!  I'm not going to bore you with the details of what I have been busy with, but in a quick summary: towards the end of the year it was crazy busy, then I went on a road trip to the Transkei and then in the new year I was busy again. Boring!

So my Natsnotfazed Monthly Mix consists of some songs that I have been listening to in January and February it's called: "Because We Can", just because I believe that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.  Here's some inspiring quotes that I found on Pinterest recently, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

We are the creators of our own reality, so kick back, put on the 'Because We Can' mix and let's start creating our dream reality.

Download 'Because We Can' mix from Dropbox here. If you don't know how Dropbox work, I explained it here. Hope you like it!

Here's the playlist:

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