Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 7: Christmas at Mbotyi *Transkei Road Trip*

Rise and shine everybody! Everyone felt fantastic. We had a nice big breakfast to fill up our tummies for the lekker hike that was lying ahead for us. 

This would be everyone's first time having an unconventional Christmas.  We were going to go to drive a 4x4 track to the Waterfall Bluff and have an amazing adventure, then enjoy a picnic lunch. Screw the traditional Christmas vibes, spending time inside, eating a massive meal and opening presents. Then eating some more and then passing out on the couch. We are in Transkei and we are living the life.

So we packed our picnic lunch which consisted out of salami, leftover braai steak from the previous night (cucumber, cheese, smoked mussels, bread, sundried tomatoes), then we jumped in the Cruiser and off we went. So we had some maps and the gps and between the two we eventually got to our destination after quite a few wrong turns. 

We arrived at this picturesque setting  and walked over a river and then started hiking next to the sea over the green hills. 4 kms in and we got to this breathtaking waterfall gushing into the ocean. We walked to almost under the waterfall, but we had to be careful because it was so slippery and falling into the sea here won't be good as we would be pounded to death in the rough seas. Dramatic much? Anyways it was lovely to be in the shade, but we would have liked to have our lunch at a place not smelling of bat poo! Haha! So we headed around as we heard at the top we would found magical pools. So off we were and we had to walk so far away from the waterfall to get to the pools that we were doubting Nico's navigating skills quite a few times. Nico pulled through and we were welcomed by an oasis of pools and waterfalls. We put down our gear, stripped down to our costumes and plunged into the crystal clear water. Bliss I tell you! We went on a little adventure and treated ourselves to a natural foot massage in the mini waterfalls. Who needs a spa when you got this, goeie grot!

So we indulged in our decadent Christmas picnic lunch and talked nonsense and chilled. Nico still felt energetic and haven't been fulfilled, so he wanted to explore a bit more, so headed to capture the top view of the waterfall bluff that's overflowing into the sea. He got the perfect shot with his camera and then we headed back, but cause we went off the path we were kinda lost! We were tramping through marsh pits and long grass and I must confess I was scared I will encounter a snake, but luckily we made it through okay. Before we knew it, we were back at the car! 

We got back to our camp and made dinner which was pork Kasler chops, three bean salad and cabbage stir fry. Then we played 30 seconds which was loads of fun! 

Jolize and Nico went to bed and then Jandre and I walked across the lagoon and laid on our backs and looked at the stars. The skies were clear and the stars were bright and beautiful. We had a late night, but it was totally worth it.

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