Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 16: Hogsback trail run in the woods, swim and braai *Transkei Road Trip*

Up early and ready to explore the woods. We got ready, ate breakfast and off we went to start the hike to the big tree. The tree was 38 meters high and over 800 years old. Then we headed back, but half way up, Jandre and I decided that we still felt like maybe running to the Madonna Waterfall. So we turned around. We ran most of the way and only stopped for water a few times. The shade of the trees were a god sent. Arriving at the waterfall was very rewarding. It was beautiful and the cold water revitalising. We chilled here for a while and then ran back. We took a wrong turn and then ended up on the tar road with the sun beating down on us. By this time we weren't running anymore. I just couldn't, I was exhausted. 

Eventually we got to the camp and we changed into our swimming costumes. Then we went to the bar and I drank an ice cold coke and Jandre had a beer. Then we went for a dip in the pool and then ordered a pizza. We chowed and chilled some more. 

In the mean time our friends Jennifer and Shani drove through to Hogsback to spend the day with us. Nico and Jolize met up with them and went to explore the little town, they went to the Vintage shop called second time around and also the the Star pottery, which works on a honesty system where you take whatever pottery you want and then you just leave your money there. So they all bought a little souvenir. 

We all met up and then had a few drinks and chilled by the fire. Jennifer and Shani are such legends, 
cause they pitch up with the famous starter steaks for each person, a large cooler box filled to the brim with ice, Marlboro Blue ice (cause you can't get these anywhere in the Transkei!), plenty of Sheri and their awesome vibe! We had such an amazing time and dinner was so yummo! 

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