Monday, 23 September 2013

Heritage Walk on Heritage Day

It was a rainy day and I was looking for something to do with my father.  I went onto Foursquare and found a list called Heritage Walk.  Have a look at it here. Number 15 Chavonnes Battery and Auditorium looked quite cool, so thought we should go.  My dad was stoked with this and he came to pick me up and off we went.  We parked in the Clock Tower buildings parking.  Then we stopped at vida e caffe for a warm cup of coffee and then went to the Chavonnes Battery and Auditorium.  

Adults pay R25 a head, and South African pensioners R20.  Children 10-18 pay R10. My dad loved checking out the museum and I found it quite interesting too.  It's a fun activity to do as a couple or a family.  Here's some more info that I grabbed from here:

The Chavonnes Battery was the first coastal fortification to protect Table Bay. Built in 1714 andcompleted in 1726 by the then Governor of the Cape, Maurice Pasque, Marquis de Chavonnes.The Chavonnes Battery was buried when the Alfred Basin was built in 1860. 

One hundred and forty years later, when Nedbank/BOE built their new offices, the ruins were discovered and turned into a museum - The Chavonnes Battery Museum is the only museum to showcase the Early History of Cape Town and is located on the original Cape Town shoreline.

Step below sea-level, experience the ambience, wear an 18th century tricorne hat and take photoswith the cannons. Staff in period costume, execute drills and marching routines, occasionally firingthe cannons. A uniquely entertaining and educational experience for all ages.
The museum is open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm. Guided Tours of the museum and theV&A Historical Walking Tour are available by pre-booking. This distinctive setting is suited tomemorable events, adjacent to a state-of-the-art auditorium, Clock Tower Square, V&A Waterfront.
After that we walked around a bit more, as the skies were clear for a while.  We stopped at three more stops on the list, which was the Clock Tower, The Swing Bridge and Ferrymans Tavern.

There are twenty stops on the V&A Heritage Walk and we only did four.  I will definitely do the rest another time.  Afterwards I caught myself pondering about how Cape Town must have been liked back in the day and it made me proud to be living here.

What are you doing for Heritage Day tomorrow?  I was invited to a braai, so will be doing that!  Look at what Cape Town Magazines suggests here.

Next I am going with my dad to discover Cape Town's underground tunnels, read more about it here.

Enjoy your Heritage / Braai day tomorrow!

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