Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reflections and Shadows - Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

When I came back from my Eurotrip I had the everyone asking me the same questions.  Which part of your trip stood out the most?  Which place was your favourite?  Did the Camino change you?  To be honest I was so overwhelmed spending 26 days abroad and trying to absorb all the cultures, scenery, new people and food, that the last thing that I was thinking of was the answers to those questions.  I first wanted to process my experience and then draw these conclusions at a later stage.  It's been two months since I came back and thing that I can answer the questions now.  So here goes:

What part of your trip stood out the most?
What I loved the most was spending time with the locals to experience how they lived from day to day.   I was blessed to have met or knew a few individuals that showed me a good time in their city.  A few cool nights with the locals worth pointing out:
  • When Nicolas took me to his friends house where they made us food and I was stuck in a bachelors flat with 15 other Frenchies and then we had an after party in the basement.  Read about it here.
  • When I was in Toulouse with my mate Joe and we went pub hopping.  Read about that it here.
  • When we went to Anglet to my friends aunts house and ate a four course meal and the beach day was lovely.  Read about it here.
  • When I spent some time with my friend Diego in Pamplona and he took me out on town.  Read about it here.
  • When our Couch Surfing host invited his friends over and made us Mexican Food.  Read about it here.

Which place was your favourite?
I went to a few places in France and Spain and only to Porto in Portugal.  I think that Porto was my favourite.  It is such a charming city and I fell in love with it.  I could imagine myself living there.  Buying an apartment, renovate it and living happily ever after. I loved that it was so colourful, decorated with the patterned tiles, flags and doors.  I took loads of photos of the doors which formed part of my Door Porn collection.  Check it out here. I liked the port bars, the seaside, the city, the architecture, the tram and the view from the bridge.  You can read about my time in Porto here: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Did the Camino change you? 
The Camino was a challenge mentally and physically.  I learned:
  • Not to judge people, as everyone's journey is different.  
  • To be grateful for everything that I have at home, for my friends and family.
  • That life is simple and we don't require much to be happy.

I took a few photos of reflections and shadows and thought it would be quite fitting with this post about my reflections about my trip.  Enjoy!

On the Camino

Me on the 'Way"

Linke and I, showing some Camino love

The last day on the Camino on our way to Santiago

In Biarittz, Me, Joe and Louis

In Barcelona

In Paris at Nicolas apartment

Jen & I in Barcelona

On the Camino waiting for the Pharmacy to open to buy stuff for blisters

Mike & I on the Camino

On a train in Paris

Streets in Paris

Joe & I on a road trip to Carcasonne

Jackal, Joe & I in Toulouse

In a club in Pamplona

Same as above

On the Camino, on our way to eat dinner

Jen in Barcelona

In a reflection of an art gallery in Barcelona

Our walking tour in Barcelona

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