Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 4: Toulouse pub hopping *Eurotrip*

11am rise and shine! Let’s find some breakkie right? Ok so let’s take Natalie on the scenic route, which is everywhere in this beautiful town called Toulouse. We took a walk through Jardin Des Plantes Park and the town with all the incredibly beautiful buildings. Toulouse is known as the pink city because of all the red bricks that was used in the buildings. The doors are so gorge, so I decided to take photos of them for my Door Porn series of photos. I think I was annoying everyone at first by stopping every so often to take photos of the doors, but later on it became a joke!

We wanted to go to the market to pick up some breakfast, but it was too late, so we went to an Irish pub. Yes mad I know to eat at an Irish pub in France. I was so hungry by that time; I would've eaten a piece of cardboard. 

After breakfast we started to mission to Capitole, which is the town hall. Nature was calling and my friend suggested that we go to the pub his friend manages called the Frog. Once we were there we decided we might as well have a beer. They brew their own beers there and the manager suggested that I taste all 6 beers. I wasn't going to argue with that. They were all rad, but the ginger flavoured beer won hands down for me. I must confess that I was suffering a bit from the two previous raucous nights and I thought a Bloody Mary could do the trick to get my mojo back! I'm also on a budget so though it would be better to have the oyster shot which is like a mini Bloody Mary. This is a shot I discovered recently when I was at the Power & the Glory. It's a vodka shot with Tabasco, black pepper, lemon and salt. The vodka gets poured first, followed by a few drops of Tabasco (depending on how hit you want it) and a few grinds of black pepper. Then you put some salt on your hand, lick the salt, drink the shot and then suck on the lemon. Every single person thinks it’s gonna taste revolting, but every one of them thing it's amazing after they have had it! So go on, try it! 

Then my friend suggested I try a typical French drink which is called Ricard. You mix it with water and it tastes like liquorice. I think it's disgusting! Haha! They don't really have ciders or alchopops like Brutal Fruit here. Something similar is a pint of beer with a dash of flavoured syrup. I had peach flavour and it was yummos!

Then we left to walk to the train station, but we stopped at another bar called Connection. My favourite bar yet. Old drums were used as tables and they have a lot of live gigs here. We were going to my friend’s mom in Lafrancaise that night so couldn't stay for the gig. 

After a drink there we were on our way to the train station again, but decided to go for a last one at a pub called London Town. I didn't really mind, because I wanted to just chill with my mate and see how he spends his life and mingle with his friends.

Then we drove to Lafrancaise which was about 40 mins from Toulouse. We arrived at 11pm and we were totally knackered and just passed out. 

Who knows what tomorrow holds. 

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