Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 24: Park Guell, Seaside and Paella *Eurotrip*

I slept till 10am. Now that's the latest that I have slept on my holiday. We got ready and had breakfast at a cafe. Then we took the metro to Park Guell. It was a scorcher and we were hot as hell. The park is on a hill and you take about 8 sets of escalators and a million steps to get there. It's so worth it though. This was my favourite Gaudi so far, but when I go inside the other houses one day, I might change my mind. 

After that we met one of my friend’s friends from SA who stays in Barcelona for a beer. Our couchsurfer host joined us later. Then we had some beers on the beach. It was school holiday and the beach was packed. 

We were hungry by this time so we found a restaurant that served paella. I had these tiny deep fried fishes as a starter and paella as a main. It was super yum!

Out couchsurfer host took us to bar where there was live music. The girl who sang in the band is from Zimbabwe. It was very chilled Columbian music and I really enjoyed it. My friends hand was in my hand. I could feel her heart pumping through her hand. I could feel her breath on my shoulder. I was going to miss her. Six and a half years of not seeing her was too long. Luckily she is coming to South Africa in September and we were already planning millions of adventures! We have just become so close over the last two years and she means so much to me. She is a daily inspiration and example to me. I don't know where I would be without her today. I had such a great time with her and look forward to the future missions!

It hit me then that my holiday has come to an end and there were big crocodile tears. I was also sad that I will have to say bye to my friend. 

What I'm going to miss about my travels: the two kisses you get from everyone you greet! The old beautiful buildings. The delicious food. The public transport. The excitement of each day’s adventures. The lovely new friends I've met. 

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