Thursday, 16 May 2013

Natsnotfazed Monthly Mixes

I am tired of listening to the radio in my car, jumping from one station to the other. You constantly try to avoid hearing ads that just brainwash you. My car doesn't have an earphone jack, so I cant plug in my iPod or phone to listen to music through that. Totally Sucks!

So I decided to start making these Monthly CD Music Mixes for my car. I would choose songs that I liked and then put them in a playlist. When I have racked up enough songs, I will write it on a CD and taaaa-daaaah!

Every time I get into my car and listen to my mixes, I would just have the biggest smile on my face. I thought, “no man, I have to share this with my friends!” I started making CD's for a few friends, but realised that I have too many friends who I want to share them with. I would have to write a mountain of CD's to give it to all of them on a monthly basis!

Answer to this problem: Dropbox. Bloody love this site I tell you. 

If you don’t have Dropbox yet, then download it here and to figure out how it all works, go for a virtual tour here . There are a lot of people who still can’t understand how you can store stuff on the interwebs! It just doesn't make sense to them, but alas, just have a looksee at the tour and I promise you, you will experience a light bulb moment!  Just remember that a shared folder will use up the quota of everyone who joins the folder, read a bit more about how it works here.  So maybe just  copy and paste what you want from my music folder and then leave the folder again, so that your Dropbox quota doesn't get used up.

This month’s mix is called “Amay-may-May” and you can download it here.  Let me know what you think and watch this space for next month’s mix.  Hope these tunes makes your eardrums smile :)

Here's the playlist copied from ITunes: (You can also get it from the Dropbox folder)

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