Thursday, 21 March 2013

Social Club #7 - Feisty Señoritas

I have known Marli for about 15 years, we spent our December holidays at the same place called Arniston.  After school, everybody did their own thing and I didn't holiday with my parents anymore.  So we didn't really stay in touch.  When I started the Social Club about 7 months ago, I thought it would be great to invite her, as we both stay in town and we became much closer since!

I went to Marli earlier the evening to help with the preparations and she was very impressed with my skills in the kitchen, she even said I am an efficient sous chef!! Haha!

Marli decided to give us a taste of Spain as she has studied and visited there plenty of times before.  She always speaks with great passion about her travels, but she especially loves the Spanish cuisine.

Everybody had to bring some red wine for the Sangria which is so refreshing to drink and easy to make.  She infused gin with orange peel and that, together with orange juice, red wine, lemonade and fruit was added to the mixture.  Add some ice and you have a seriously delish drink in your hand!

Marli explained to us how to make Pan con tomate and tortilla de patatas.  Pan con tamate is french loaf that was cut into circles, about 3cm thick and then you place them in the oven to get crispy.  Once crispy, you take them out, cut a tomato in half and smeer it on the bread.

Tortilla de patatas is a frittata that consists of potato, onions and aeoli.  You peel the potatoes, boil them, till soft, but not too soft.  You cut them up lenghtways in quarters and then thin pieces.  You drizzle olive oil in a heated pan, add fried onion and the potatoes, aeoli and egg mixture.  Then you fry it until, it's almost cooked through and flip it onto a plate and return to the pan to finish cooking on a lower heat. Cut in pieces and serve with aeoli.  We made a vegetarian option, but you can add chorizo sausage too.

Marli prepared quite a spread for us, which consisted of pan con tamate, melon y jamon, tortilla de patatas, pimientos rellenos , chorizo, queso, Aceitunas,  Insalada Capresa.  Just look at all this mouth watering tapas:

It was really an amazing evening, thanks to Marli for all her efforts.

I am going to hike the Camino in Spain in June and can not wait to experience the Spanish culture and cuisine first hand.

I took some beautiful photos of everyone's feet:

Some more photos:

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