Monday, 11 March 2013

Pastel Blue Dining Room Table

For those of you who don't know me, I studied interior decorating a while ago, but never got around to work in the field.  Except once when I assisted on a Garden & Home decor shoot.  That was a lot of fun.  I have always had a passion for interiors and spaces.  I remember walking around on my grandfathers farm in Rawsonville and looking at the old cars and fridges that was standing outside and think how I will take the door of the fridge and make it an actual door to my kitchen.  I also imagined taking the retro car door and mounting it in the wall and then you can manually turn the window open and close.  I have always been a dreamer, but lately my dreams are becoming a reality.

I have been lucky enough to have inherit some of my grandmothers furniture.  I dig mixing old with new.  These are the emboya ball and claw couches which I am in the process of upholstering.  More about that later.

I bought a dining room table and 4 x chairs from my sister and her hubby that they bought from Mr Price.  It looked like this:

I really didn't like the darkness of the wood and the leather and metal chairs, it was too cold and didn't have any character in my eyes.  So I started contemplating and went to look for inspiration on Pinterest.  This was what inspired me to paint my table and get mismatch chairs to upholster:

This is quite a cool idea, you create unity with painting all the different chairs the same colour.

I had some left over paint from painting my bookcase and just painted the surface and left the legs dark.  Here I painted the table:

I did about 3 layers of paint and this is the final result:

My sister gave me the one orange office chair that she bought at an auction at her work and then I convinced her to sell me another one that she had in her house.  These other maroon chairs are from my great granny that I am getting upholstered.  Then the final two chairs I got from my dads house.  I am still in the process of getting the chairs upholstered.

I like my table decoration which are a few small vases / decanters from my gran that I put together in a whitewash rectangle container.

I went to Woodstock to look for upholstery material, but at the starting price of R160 per meter, I really didn't see anything amazing.  So I really wanted to print my own textiles and a friend told me about Imaterial.  WOW!  I was in heaven when I went to the factory!  It was massive and there was millions of meters of material and bucket loads full of paint, I was smiling from ear to ear.  I bought this light grey material for R25 a meter and then got this acid yellow print done for R30 a meter.  You just have to choose one of their existing screens and it's this cheap.  If you want to have a more personal print and your unique design, you can get this digitally done at about R200 per square meter, which is very cool!  This is how the yellow and grey print came out, this is for the ball and claw couches, but more on that when it's done.

I chose this brown linen for the dining room chairs with an antique rose screen that was printed in a minty green, look how great it looks:

Now I just have to save some more moola before I can get the upholstery done, so watch this space, because it's going to look so sick!!  I would love to hear back from you on any DIY furniture projects that you have done.


  1. As you tell us that you were in internal decorating. Then I think this could be more helpful for me and for other too!!!
    How can I choose the best designs of modern dining room furniture. I got here the perfect steps and tips but I need more confirmation here because this is the perfect stoppage where I can get the right answer.

  2. Hi Daisy, it depends what style, look and feel you are going for in your house? Let me know what you like and we could go from there.

    1. Hi,
      Actually I was looking for the modern dining room furniture set who should have different chairs with with colors and have some artificial decorator accessories on it.