Monday, 11 March 2013

Easy Sunday Whole Roast Chicken

You know when you just crave something out of the blue, well it happened to me yesterday and it was whole roast chicken.  I was eager to try out my brand spanking new Le Creusett dish which I got from my sister for my birthday recently.

I decided to spend the Sunday in my house to get my house in order, as I have been gallivanting the last two weeks and an unorganised house makes me feel uneasy.  They say a tidy house is a tidy mind and that's so true!  The weather outside was magnificent though and I must say I was tempted to jump in my car and go to the beach, especially as I have a new bikini I want to show off before summer is over!  But there will be other gorgeous days.

I thought that I could organise my house while the chicken is cooking in the oven. Perfs! The fragrant aroma made my home smell like a hearty home!

I nipped off to the shop to buy the chicken and some veggies, this is how I made my Easy Sunday Whole Roast Chicken:

1 x Whole chicken
Red onions
8 x garlic cloves
Olive Oil
Garlic & Herb stock

Salt & black pepper

I washed the chicken and placed in the dish.  I peeled and cut up all the veggies and placed it around the chicken.  I kept the garlic cloves in their pockets.  I sprinkled all the spices on the chicken and veggies and drizzled with olive oil .  Then I poured over the garlic & herb stock.  I popped it in the preheated 180 C oven and cooked for 1 hour.  This will vary depending on your oven.

Simple, easy an delicious.  Give it a try any day of the week! Please let me know how if you try the recipe out, how it goes or tell me about recent recipes you have tried.

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