Saturday, 23 March 2013

30 Tentacles Beach Party

Dirty Thirty's can't believe that I would be 30 one day.  My one friend from school send me a Facebook message the other day where she said that she enjoys reading my blog and I looked at the last message we sent each other and it was from me.  I said: Chick, why are you going to a 30th Birthday party, which grandpa do you know that is 30 years old?  Haha and then I was 25. Crazy!

I love the beach and thought it is a perfect location to have my 30th Birthday.  It was quite a mission to get everything down to the beach and I must say thanks to my friends for helping me, as I would not have been able to do it without them.

I started a Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas for the beach party, you can have a looksee here.

I had the party at Bali beach which is between Bakoven and Camps Bay beach.  Everybody commented on the location of what a jewel it is.

I made Pimms Cocktails in glass jars.  Each cocktail contained a shot of Pimms and a shot of Vodka and then topped up with half lemonade and half ginger beer   Then I added cut up strawberries, lemon, orange and cucumber.  I used this recipe, but added vodka to give it an extra kick.

I hung some bunting and pom poms for decor and got the red and white striped tablecloths from my friend.  The party stationary consisted of flags, pinwheels, cupcake toppers and tags for the cocktails.   You can download the polkadot pinwheels and Life is beachy flag here.  Instructions on how to make the pinwheels I got here.

My friend cut out shapes of a fish bone, anchor, shark and a seahorse out of an old X-ray and then we sprayed them on everyone as tattoos with colour hair spray.

I made my infamous Birthday cake again, which I call a Vodkalemon.  You make a hole in the watermelon and then put a bottle of vodka upside down in the whole and then let it stand overnight, the vodka will get absorbed in the watermelon.  Then you have a naughty watermelon Birthday cake!

I brought the birthday candles along, but didn't know that they were the ones that comes alight after you have blown it out.  So it was quite a laugh when I tried to blow them out numerous times.

I also made these Pirate Jelly Boats, which had vodka jelly in the orange peels.  This was such a fun surprise element when I brought these out later on in the evening!  I got the recipe here, but just swopped out cold liquid for vodka.

I did the candles in the brown bag thing for later on after the sun set.  The weather was actually perfect though with no wind, so we didn't really need the brown paper bags.

I always have some fun elements up my sleeve, like sparklers, candy necklaces and bubbles, always a hit on the beach.  Grown ups still dig being kids though. Funsicles!! The girls were making letters with the sparklers. LOVE

This was the best birthday ever and will definitely have a beach party every year for my birthday!!

This was my invite:

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