Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ice Iced Coffee

As you have experienced lately, Cape Town is heating up and I think it’s too hot for warm coffee.  Iced coffee is perfect for this weather, but most people think that it’s complicated to make, which is not the case!  It doesn't take long at all; I would say it takes approximately 7 minutes.

Here’s how I make my iced coffee: (for two)

Equipment needed:
Ice crusher / hammer

2 x (t) Powdered Coffee
2 x (t) Sugar
1 x 500 (ml) of Ice
1 x (t) Vanilla Essence
2 x (T) Chocolate Nesquick
250 (ml) Milk
250 (ml) Ice Water

Put two teaspoons of powdered coffee and two teaspoons of sugar in a mug, add very little freshly boiled water, just enough to dissolve the coffee and sugar, and stir. Set aside.  Crush two hands full of ice in an ice crusher.  I don’t have an ice crusher, so I just put the ice in a plastic bag and crush it with a tenderising hammer / normal hammer.  Place the ice in the blender.  Add the coffee and sugar mixture.  Add 1 x teaspoon vanilla essence and 2 tablespoons of Chocolate Nesquick.  Add 250 ml milk and 250 ml ice water. Start blending.  When it’s reached a fine consistency, you can place a straw in the mixture and taste.  Add sugar if not sweet enough or add water if too strong.  When you are happy with the taste, pour into a glass, decorate with a sprinkle of Chocolate Nesquick and serve with a straw! Perfect for a hot morning or when you have a hangover!!

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