Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hout Bay totally floats my boat

If you ever looking for something to do on a Sunday, then I would recommend that you take a drive to Hout Bay.  I recently went through with my dad and it was such a lovely day.  We first went to the Bay Harbour market which is similar to Old Biscuit Mill, but smaller and less busy, which I prefer.  They have a good selection of foods and drinks and it's not too hard to find a place to sit down to enjoy your chow.  I love looking at all the trinkets and fresh farm produce on sale.  I enjoy the sample tasters at all the stalls!!

After that we jumped on a boat to go to Seal Island.  The boat ride was exciting, but not seeing the seals, as they just lie there baking in the sun!  The tour guide on the boat was lank funny which was entertaining.  Perfect to take your kids to do this.  Apparently I've been to Seal Island before while I was still in my mommy's tummy.  It felt kind of familiar though, so I must have some kind of recollection hahaha!

Then we explored the harbour and looked at the old boats that's just been left there by their owners.  This was my favourite part, as there was plenty of objects, landscapes and textures to take photos of.  Here are my best shots from my iPhone camera:

Then we went to go have a beer and some calamari.  You have to eat seafood when you in Hout Bay or by any sea for that matter, it just makes sense to do so.  Plus seafood is my absolute favourite so I will never object!

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