Monday, 1 October 2012

Where I like to play in Cape Town

I joined the Couch Surfing community three months ago and I have had a lot of the CS (Couch Surfers) asking me where I like to go out for drinks, dinner and clubbing.  So I thought I would compile a list and can direct everyone to my post.  I will divide it in a few posts, as it's too much to do in one go! I hope to cover bars, clubs, markets, restaurants and fun activities.  Watch this space!

Bars I like to go to in Cape Town:

I love watching bands and chilling at a bar for a glass of wine or a beer, these are my favourite spots at the moment:

This bar I call the tourist bar, there are always tourists here.  It's usually busy most nights of the week and they normally have a live band that plays cover songs and there is a lively atmosphere.

Che, Nico and I at the Dubliner for Che's Birthday predrinks

Ray, a CS from US Minnesota, CS Corinna and Riaan at Dubliner on a school night

I love this very arty, trendy bar and especially the crowd that hangs out here.  Usually people from the creative industry and it's a favourite for the hipsters!  I am mad about the interior, especially the pin-board with drawings left by customers that they doodled on the paper table cloths.

My 2nd CS Corinna from Germany and I at the P&G, we got on like a house on fire!

My 3rd CS Diego from Spain, Jeanine, myself and Pete

This is an English bar that came to SA. I like these bars and the interiors and the atmosphere is always fun.  There are three of these bars in the CBD, in Greenpoint, in Kloof street and in Long street.  As these bars are quite small (the Long and Kloof streets ones, I haven't been to the one in Greenpoint) it  always seems busy which I like.  They have the famous 'Snake Bite' which you will have to give a try. It consists of half cider and half beer with a dash of blackcurrant.

This spot is cool to hang out and I like the diverse crowd that frequents here.  I digg the bar with interesting memorabilia moulded into the bar and it's cool to do some people watching over the balcony down into Long street where there is always a lot going on.

Zula Bar
Live bands are kief to check out here and they even have some live comedy shows on some nights.  Check out their website to see the line ups.  On Sundays they have a market stocking collectables and perishables and live entertainment.

Another live band spot and I've watch all my favourite bands here.  This place can get quite packed, but I like it as it creates a buzzing and energetic atmosphere which is just what you want when watching live acts.

Jacqui, Sarah, CS Flore from Netherlands and I at Jeremy Loops live at Assembly

If you have the itch to go out on a school night, especially a Monday night, this is the joint to be at. There's always people here on Mondays and you can shoot some pool or hit the foosball tables.  Try their toasted samies and yum potato chips upstairs if you have a case of late night munchies!  Drinks are very reasonably priced, so if you are on a tight budget, this won't break your piggy bank.

Kimberley Hotel
This is a classic pub with a relaxed bunch of people pulling in for a few cold ones.  They have a judebox where you can play your favourite tunes and boogie to next to your table.  I like the old school stage coach outside and the theme carries through inside the pub.

Waiting Room
I like the rooftop area the most with the fairy lights where you can chill with a drink in hand and look out on Long street.  I've watched a few live acts here and I've always had a fun time.

SGT Pepper
A very chilled spot also looking out on Long street, hey what can I say, I like people watching.  You can play foosball here or just sit at the bar for a few drinky's.

Group of mates at SGT Peppers

Van Hunks
If I had foursquare for longer, I probably would have had Van Hunks in my top places as I've been there so much!  The best aspect about this spot is to sit on the terrace in the sun on a summers day and do some people watching in Kloof street, with T-Mountain in the background.  Their burgers are great and jalepeno poppers not too bad.  On a chillier day I enjoy the cosy bar inside and it's also great to watch sport here.  I just always end up meeting people here for drinks or dinner. Kief crowd, good view and lekker vibe!

Tjing Tjing
It was love at first site with this place! I'm crazy about the roof top terrace, especially the large glass surface where you can see the large bookcase with a ladder from two floors down.  Perfect for drinks after work on a summer afternoon.  I've been here when they had a live band which was very cool.

This Argentinian polo bar, situated in Greenpoint is another attic bar that I adore.  It's got character and a relaxing nature and is fun to go for a few drinks or a dance!

This bar is on the corner of Bree and Orphan street and I digged the concept, since the first time I heard about it!  The Orphan theme carries through to the rustic cocktails, Mojitos are served in tin cups and they serve tea cocktails in victorian flowery cups, R15 from every one of these cocktails sold goes directly to the St Francis Children's Home in Athlone, Cape Town.  Definitely worth a visit!

Jeanine and I - MoreTea Vicar
Aces N Spades
This is a new bar in Hout street, just off long.  I've only popped in here once, as I've heard so much about it and it was pretty awesome.  Old school rock music and craft beers.  Go check it out!

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