Monday, 17 September 2012

Social Club

Social Club #1

What is more fun than ladies getting together to socialise, drink wine and share experiences?  This is exactly what the social club is about.  I started the Social Club 2 months ago and it has been such a hit!  I hosted the July Social Club and thought everyone how to make roti’s from scratch.  I was so lucky to get treated to a cooking class as a birthday present from my sister this year at Lekke Kombuis in the beautiful Bo Kaap.  There I learnt how to make a Cape Malay curry, roti's and samoosas.  I will definitely recommend that you go, as it was such a fantastic experience.

From left: Karina, Marli, Kelly, Kristina, Kate, Jeanine and me
I didn't have any rolling pins, so we used wine bottles, haha!

1.)  You mix 2 cups of cake flour with 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt. 
2.)  Then you make it into a thick round roll and you cut it up into 8 pieces.
3.)  You roll this piece out into a circle and then smear butter over it and then you roll it up with your fingers into a long piece.
4.)  Take it by the ends with both hands and hit it on the table, while pulling at both ends, to make it longer.
5.)  Roll it up in a spiral on each side and place both spirals on top of each other.
6.)  Place all the spirals in the fridge and let it rest for 20 minutes.
7.)  Roll it out into a circle and then fry in sunflower oil until brown on both sides.

Here I am cooking the roti's.  I served the warm roti's with a Cape Malay chicken curry and salsa.  It was delicious ad we finished everything!

Social Club #2

The second Social Club was hosted by Kristina and she taught us how to make decoupage candle holders.  She made delicious snacks and was a wonderful host.  She lives between Bredasdorp and Cape Town and went to the Napier book sale where she bought old map books and an enciclopedia.  We used them and other books that we brought along to make our candle holders.  She gave us whiskey glasses which we covered in our cut out pictures and then we painted the decoupage mixture over it and walaaah it is done!  Kristina owns an art supplies shop called Art Attack, check it out here.

Our stunning hostess Kristina introducing herself.  
(Everybody have to say something about themselves)

Hard at work selecting their pictures.
From left: Jacky, Jeanine, Kelly and Jacqui

Scrumptious snacks

The finished product - decoupage candle holder

Some photos of the ladies

Group shot of all the ladies.
From left: Kelly, Karina, Kristina, Jacqui, Sabrina, Helen, Jeanine, Kate and at the back Jacky.

Who knows what the next Social Club will bring, the only clue we have is that it involves a pineapple.  Check back here as I will keep you updated!


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