Sunday, 3 August 2014

Interior Decorating Project - Buitenkant Street {Buying Schedule Proposal}

My next phase of my Interior Decorating Project is to set up a buying schedule proposal for the client together with the budget.  The client then approves it or make any changes and then we can go shopping!  My budget is R10 000 and I only went over by R9000 hahaha!  My client has been travelling abroad and I have only been communicating with her online, so there was quite a few things I still wanted to discuss with her.  I rather over budgeted with some things, but a lot of items might not be needed, as she could have it already.  She wants to rent her apartment our through Airbnb, so I took that into account.  When the guests check out, you need to wash the one set of towels and bedding and replace it with a fresh set.  So I budgeted for two sets.  Here's an outline of what I suggested that should be bought:


Welcome mat, chevron blue runner rug and curtain fairy lights to contribute to ambient lighting.


Tones of grey, natural wood, chevron and geometrical influences.  She already have a cream couch, coffee table, TV stand and a flat screen TV.  We are going to paint her feature wall grey, as it is blood red at the moment.


The kitchen is very modern and in a good condition, so I want to declutter it as the current tenant have a lot of stuff standing around on the counters.  Then I want to add some plants in colorful pots to brighten up the space.


In the living room there is a desk which we want to turn into a study corner.  I want to add a copper lamp, glass dome with a plant underneath, books and a wooden mannequin.


Here I want to work with a grey palette with splashes of red and jade green.  I want to suggest odd bedside tables with odd lamps.  




The bathroom also doesn't need a lot of work, as its very modern and neat.  So some plants, lush towels and a few knick-knacks will make it pretty.


The client likes it and now we just need to set up a shopping date, then onto the next phase.  You can look at the Pinterest board I created for this project here.

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