Friday, 1 August 2014

Healthy Lunch for one - Roast Chicken Salad

This one is super easy cause I totally cheated! I made a lovely roast chicken for Sunday Lunch, my BF and I dished up small portions. I'm usually not that hungry after I've made a meal as I can't help myself and pick at the food constantly. Naughty Natty! My BF commented: "Oh are you gonna eat chicken for the rest of the week?" and I answered: "Yes!" (Thinking how on earth will I do it?!) I don't believe in wasting food. I love thinking of ways to turn leftovers into new meals.

So Monday arrives and I'm thinking what can I do with the roast chicken? All I had to add was add salad, but I'm not thinking lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers. Can't really eat those in winter! I remembered that the Vredehoek Spar's got great ready made salads. A medium serving is only R26.00 and you can get two portions out of it. Their salads are different each day and only contain yummy things like veggies, olives, cheeses, barley, nuts and seeds. If I had to buy these ingredients separately and make it myself, it would work out expensive and I probably won't be able to use all the ingredients before it goes bad.

I added my roast chicken to the salad and had a great, scrumptious and healthy lunch.

On Monday I also had to go see a bunch of suppliers and it's so important to make sure that you make sure that you eat lunch before you get on the road or pack some healthy padkos. If you don't you stand the risk of becoming so hungry that you forget all about your healthy eating habits and buy a garage pie, chips or chocolates.  The horror! Just think ahead and prepare.  Don't forget to take water with you too, then you don't have to fork out cash to buy something to drink.

What I do which helps a lot is think about my day either the day before or in the morning. I run through my day and think what I will eat and what I need to prepare. It only takes a few minutes to do and really pays off.  I'm trying much harder to follow the banting and #LCHF lifestyle now that I'm working from home, as I have access to my own kitchen to cook up something healthy.  No more excuses and summer is getting closer and closer.

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