Thursday, 21 August 2014

Arniston - My paradise

This place used to be my December bliss. We went here every school holiday and I couldn't get enough of it, especially after I made loads of friends there. I used to tell my dad, please just leave me here and go back to work. I will fend for myself, catch fish and make my own food. I will hike to Bredasdorp and go to school there. He just laughed it off and good on him as my little fantasy would probably have left me in tears when I started missing everyone back home.

My boyfriend and I went there recently for a weekend. I wanted to have a relaxed weekend before I embarked on my freelancing career.

It was such a blessing to see this double rainbow on the way there.  Arniston is about 200 kms from Cape Town.  Not too far to drive for a weekend getaway.

We saw another rainbow at the harbour in Arniston when we arrived.  

It was a cold and wet weekend. We took some firewood and red wine along, which we sipped on at the warm fire. On the Saturday we went exploring with the Cruiser.  There are great places to take your 4x4 on the sandy dunes. We took a long, bumpy drive along the beach and on our way back I had to show my bf the cave. The most popular cave is the Waenhuiskrans cave – the place responsible for the town’s alternative name! ‘Waenhuiskrans’ is Afrikaans for ‘wagon house cliff.’ The cave can only be accessed at low tide. Local tradition will tell you that this limestone cave is large enough for a full span of oxen to turn around inside it, and that it was a hiding place for munitions during times of conflict. [source]

Jandre, me and Zeena
 There is a second cave we used to call 'die venster' (the window). 

You climb into a hole like above with your feet first and slide down on your bum. Once inside you are spoiled with an absolute amazing view of the beaches and the sea. These pictures looks gorgeous, but it still doesn't do it any justice. I packed us a picnic and we had beer, wine and a few snacks whilst taking in the views.  It was so tranquil sitting there, wish I can teleport here every time I need some "time out time".

In the summer the sea water is around 24 degrees and turquoise blue. You can snorkel to check out the fish and the reef. You can go for long walks on the beach to various places and in various directions. We've gone to see the shipwreck or there's a hike that you can do to Die Mond. The colorful boats in the harbour goes out to fish and it is great to check what was caught upon their return. There is nothing better than a fresh fish on a braai by the sea when you are on holiday. The fishermans village called Kassiesbaai looks picturesque with the cute thatch roof houses next to the harbour. It's worth a drive through the little village.  The fishing village has been declared a national monument in its entirety.

Arniston is close to Struisbaai, Cape Agulhas (southernmost point of Africa), Elgin, Bredasdorp and Napier which have plenty of activities and attractions to go do and see whenever the weather is bad at Arniston.

We had a great relaxing weekend and took a chilled drive back to reality. We stopped in Napier at the antique shop and browsed through all the interesting objects.

Zeena in her first class seat, having a ball!
There are two names for this beautiful seaside village in the Overberg.  This is why:
Prior to the loss of the Arniston, it was known as Waenhuiskrans, an Afrikaans name meaning literally "Wagon house cliff", after a local sea cave (the Waenhuiskrans cave I discussed earlier) large enough to accommodate a wagon and a span of oxen.
In May 1815, a British East Indiaman, the Arniston, was rounding the Cape in convoy on a journey to repatriate wounded English soldiers from Ceylon. The ship lacked a chronometer – an expensive instrument at the time – and consequently had to rely on other ships in the fleet to calculate the longitude of the group. After being separated from the convoy in heavy seas, the captain of the Arniston was obliged to rely solely on dead reckoning to navigate. Thinking incorrectly that he was 100 miles (160 km) west of the Cape of Good Hope, the master steered north for St Helena and ran the ship onto the rocks at Waenhuiskrans. Only six of the 378 souls on board survived the wrecking.[2]
Over the years, the name of the wreck has become synonymous with the name of the location and today the labels 'Arniston' and 'Waenhuiskrans' are used interchangeably. [source]

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