Thursday, 21 August 2014

Arniston - My paradise

This place used to be my December bliss. We went here every school holiday and I couldn't get enough of it, especially after I made loads of friends there. I used to tell my dad, please just leave me here and go back to work. I will fend for myself, catch fish and make my own food. I will hike to Bredasdorp and go to school there. He just laughed it off and good on him as my little fantasy would probably have left me in tears when I started missing everyone back home.

My boyfriend and I went there recently for a weekend. I wanted to have a relaxed weekend before I embarked on my freelancing career.

It was such a blessing to see this double rainbow on the way there.  Arniston is about 200 kms from Cape Town.  Not too far to drive for a weekend getaway.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Interior Decorating Project - Buitenkant Street {Buying Schedule Proposal}

My next phase of my Interior Decorating Project is to set up a buying schedule proposal for the client together with the budget.  The client then approves it or make any changes and then we can go shopping!  My budget is R10 000 and I only went over by R9000 hahaha!  My client has been travelling abroad and I have only been communicating with her online, so there was quite a few things I still wanted to discuss with her.  I rather over budgeted with some things, but a lot of items might not be needed, as she could have it already.  She wants to rent her apartment our through Airbnb, so I took that into account.  When the guests check out, you need to wash the one set of towels and bedding and replace it with a fresh set.  So I budgeted for two sets.  Here's an outline of what I suggested that should be bought:


Welcome mat, chevron blue runner rug and curtain fairy lights to contribute to ambient lighting.


Tones of grey, natural wood, chevron and geometrical influences.  She already have a cream couch, coffee table, TV stand and a flat screen TV.  We are going to paint her feature wall grey, as it is blood red at the moment.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Healthy Lunch for one - Roast Chicken Salad

This one is super easy cause I totally cheated! I made a lovely roast chicken for Sunday Lunch, my BF and I dished up small portions. I'm usually not that hungry after I've made a meal as I can't help myself and pick at the food constantly. Naughty Natty! My BF commented: "Oh are you gonna eat chicken for the rest of the week?" and I answered: "Yes!" (Thinking how on earth will I do it?!) I don't believe in wasting food. I love thinking of ways to turn leftovers into new meals.

So Monday arrives and I'm thinking what can I do with the roast chicken? All I had to add was add salad, but I'm not thinking lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers. Can't really eat those in winter! I remembered that the Vredehoek Spar's got great ready made salads. A medium serving is only R26.00 and you can get two portions out of it. Their salads are different each day and only contain yummy things like veggies, olives, cheeses, barley, nuts and seeds. If I had to buy these ingredients separately and make it myself, it would work out expensive and I probably won't be able to use all the ingredients before it goes bad.