Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Milnerton Market Treasure Hunt

Do you like vintage stuff at affordable prices? Then you will like Milnerton Market.  Some people won't even waste their time going there, as they think - who would want other peoples trash.  I DO!  I love old things, it give me a nostalgic feeling and I imagine what the background and history would be of every piece. I went there a while ago and look at the treasures I found:

I paid R5 for this copper deer ornament that you can hang on the wall.  I was imagining hanging it outside on my balcony with other ornaments and succulent plants.  I haven't done it yet!

Next up, I found this ice bucket for my drinks trolley for R20!  I saw the exact one in Cintsa in December when we were on our Transkei trip at a Saturday market, but I couldn't buy it, as didn't have any space in the Cruiser which was packed to the brim.  My BF used Silver Braso to make the lid and the handle all shiny and as good as new.  I think it's prettier than any of the boring ice buckets that you get in stores now a days without any character.

I found these four blue tumblers and only paid R40 for all of them.  Absolutely in love with them and they fit in perfectly on my drinks trolley.

I bought an ashtray, some toothpick holders and these two small pots for R30.  I love every piece with it's unique character.

Then my favourite finds were these five frames that I bought for R50.

I hope you get inspired to go make a turn at Milnerton market, best days to go would be on a Saturday (then you get the best stuff), but they are open on Sundays too. 

The MyCiTi bus goes past here - would be a fun excursion.  After the market you could got to Blue Peter for lunch.  Let me know if you went and what you found!

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