Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Beetroot Soup - For realzies?!

I love soup. I love making soup. Every winter I try making new soups that I've never tried before. I got this collection of soup recipes off the internet once called a Medley of soups and I've used it for quite a few years.

So how this happened was that I had beetroot in my fridge and I was paging through the soup recipes to look what ingredients in my fridge I can pair up with a soup. So beetroot got nominated.

Not a lot of people like beetroot, but I have always loved it! I thought that the end result tasted like the pickled beetroot you get in a jar, but a bit nicer!

So I followed this recipe, but I made a few changes to what I had in the house.

I didn't have potatoes and do try to keep my starch intake low, so I replaced it with butternut (I know it's still a starchy veg, but I like to believe it's better than potatoes).  

I don't like fennel seeds, so didn't add that.  I discovered another beetroot recipe, which was the german version called Borscht and I saw that they add red wine vinegar, so i added that too.

This was such a simple recipe and I made it in no time. Quick and easy!  Try it if you dare and let me know how yours turned out, i would love to know.

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