Monday, 26 May 2014

My favourite Decorex decor things

Rather late than never they say, so here's my Decorex experience:

I was invited to go to Decorex recently and was excited to check it out. I went with my mate Angie and we had some beer and shared an amazing salad and savoury pancakes that cost like R25 each. Bargain! 

Then we started missioning from the appliances side. This is not my favourite part, I must confess. All these coffee machines, kettles and tv's. We did like these adjustable beds though. We walked past the stall and saw all these people lying on the beds and it looked quite comfy, so we decided to give it a try. Wow these were so comfy and we especially liked the massage mode that the bed had. As we walked away me and Angie were contemplating about how we are going to get our hands on enough money to buy ourselves one of these beds, hehe!

Towards the end of the exhibition was when my iPhone started snapping pictures left right and centre. I was in love with most of the decor items. These were some of the items that I saw and loved: 


Geometric shapes are really on trend these days and you can see it in designs everywhere, from lights to wallpaper and even coffee tables.  I love this trend!


Love these plants from Sobeit Studio with the skull below.

This would be amazing in your kitchen with some herbs.

This was at the Plascon stand.  Wouldn't mind this in my garden with more herbs!

How gorgeous are these odd jars with herbs on a wall of reclaimed wood.  Would look beautiful in your kitchen.

Another great herb idea in your kitchen.


All the above are from Ceramic Factory.  In love with their stuff!

I saw this the first time on a First Thursday walk about at Chandler House and have been mad about it ever since.

These covers for your salads from Spaza Store are prettier than glad wrap.

Decanter porn.  I was drooling over this collection, as I have my own little fantasy with decanters.

Cool skull floor from Sobeit Studio.

More beautiful things from Sobeit Studio.

Bright and nice things at the Plascon stand.

Love pretty proteas and wouldn't mind rugs in this print from Airloom.

Another rad Airloom rug.

More amazing Airloom storage solutions.

Beautiful His and Hers bathroom.

Love this chair with the geometric print.

Next year I would like to see more decor stuff as it's called Decorex afterall, right?

Thanks for reading. 

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