Thursday, 3 April 2014

Frame your Panoramics

Lately you would have noticed people taking a lot of panoramic photos. This is due to our smartphones having panoramic apps. How amazing is it to be able to capture a landscape panoramicly? I have loads of panoramic photos, but I have never printed any of them. To be honest I don't have much wall space to put it on in any case. So I was quite happy when my boyfriend asked if I could help him decide what to put on his wall in his house.

We went on holiday in December to Transkei and we took plenty of panoramics there, so I suggested that he gets one of those printed. It was hard to decide which one of these I should get printed for him:

In the end we chose the panoramic of the hole in the wall.  

For Valentines Day we hiked up Lions Head and he took a beautiful panoramic of Table Mountain. So we decided to print that.

On the first try I split the panoramic in 3 x A4's, but it didn't look right on the wall. It didn't have a big enough impact. So I decided to rather split the panoramic in 4 x A3's in portrait orientation. I found these frameless A3 frames at The Crazy Store for only R32.00 each which worked perfectly. It seems that I'm quite a frame bargain finder these days hey!

These frameless frames is quote old school and reminds me of back in the day when you would frame your certificate. Presently these frames are quite on trend. Check where I have spotted them in modern homes lately:

This is from Miss Molly's blog, her frame collection is the inspiration for my frame collage in my bedroom which I will still share with you.

The way you space the frames from each other is very important. I didn't want the separate images to be too far apart, so that it doesn't seem like it's one picture. Then I wanted the two panoramics to be close to each other so that it forms one artwork.

This is the end result:

Print and hang yours up now!


  1. wow, these are amazing. thanks for the tip about the borderless frames, I was going to print mine on a canvas, which I'm sure would've been much more expensive.

    how did you get the a4 prints done? at home or at a printing shop? also how did you get such awesome panoramas? a dslr on a tripod, and manual stitching afterwards?

  2. Hi there,

    I'm really sorry about the late reply, I've been a bit busy with a new job and other new ventures.

    I did it at a printer - Imvakalelo Printers. I laid the photos out like this myself in Indesign. My boyfriend took the photos with my iphone 5 and I edited in an app called Camera+.

    I hope this helps. Let me know how yours come out. The Crazy store still have these frames.