Friday, 14 March 2014

Funzies in the Sunzies: My Birthday in the forest at Silvermine

Do you think that as you get older your birthday gets less important? I think so, especially when the important ones are over, like your 18th, 21st and 30th. So after last years elaborate beach party where I celebrated my 30th birthday with a big bang , I felt like a chilled birthday this year. So I tried really hard to not make a lot of effort, but Nats just can't help herself! He he! 

I've seen a lot of friends photos on Facebook of Silvermine nature reserve and thought that this would be the perfect place to have my birthday. So my boyfriend and I decided to first go location scouting to see if Silvermine would be a good fit for my birthday party. We packed a picnic basket and went one Sunday. It was such a lovely afternoon spent lying on our blanket, drinking vino and snacking on cheese and crackers. We walked right around the dam to look at all the different potential picnic spots and there was a big variety. Loads of trees that provided plenty of shade which was great. There were many people and dogs swimming in the dam and the boyfriend also took a dip. I was convinced that Silvermine is the perfect location for my party.

So on the day of my birthday party, the boyfriend and I picked up my two mates, Herman and Joe. These guys form the dream team who always help me set up for my parties. I was so grateful to have them on board, as I had loads of stuff to carry and just cause they such a laugh. When we got at Silvermine at 10:30, there were already a fair amount of people and I was stressing that I won't find a cool spacious spot. I would recommend that you go early if you want a lekker picnic place. Luckily my main man Hermz found the best spot ever. So the guys blew up the balloons and hung it together with the bunting in the trees whilst I was making the rum punch. They didn't even need art direction from me.  Well played dudes!  We pitched the gazebo and I set up the tables underneath with the punch and vodkamelon birthday cake on. Kimmy arrived with the beautiful bright turquoise cupcakes and star cookies that she made for me. What a gem, thanks Kim! 

There was absolutely no signal here which is great as you get to switch off from the world, but not good when your friends are trying to get a hold of you so that they can find out where you are. Next time I would put some signage and balloons up so that people can find the party. 

So my friends all pitched up eventually after walking around the whole lake. Apparently there was another party on the opposite side of the dam and when my friends were walking past looking for me, they were saying: "Natalie's party is on the other side" haha!

The rum punch was very popular and disappeared so quickly! I made 6 liters of punch, but I didn't think it would go so quickly. I ran out of juice, so I made one bowl of punch with coke as a mix, which went down very well.

How to make the rum punch:

Jamaican Rum Punch recipe:
Mix all ingredients together in a blender or punch bowl. Pour over ice cubes in any type of glass.  I got the recipe from here.

I didn't put grenadine in and I replaced the Bacardi with Vodka.  Still tasted yummo!

I asked everyone to bring lilos and tubes to float on in the dam. We swam and floated around in the dam, it was so relaxing. 

We cut my infamous birthday vodkamelon cake and some pieces took our breath away, as it was very strong. I guess it depends on how much vodka the watermelon absorbed in the different areas. The vodkamelon cake was such a hit as always!

How to make the vodkamelon:

Step 1: Buy a watermelon
Step 2: Buy vodka
Step 3: Cut a hole in the watermelon
Step 4: Place vodka in the hole
Step 5: Wait

I usually do it the day before and I place it in the fridge.  A half jack vodka is more than enough.

A lovely colourful and magical birthday picnic in the Silvermine nature reserve in the forest spent with wonderful friends. Thank you for everyone who came, you made it special.

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