Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Natalie's)

I've been been blessed with being surrounded with plenty of Pisces friends and family.  I am Pisces and so is my mom, dad and sister.  Then I have a further twelve friends that's Pisces too.  As you can imagine this month is usually quite costly for me, as it's hosting my own birthday party, attending all my friends and families birthday parties and buying all of them presents.  So I thought I should have a champagne breakfast at my house for my four closest girlfriends as a birthday present for them and I thought to add another fun element, why don't we all dress up with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme!  Everyone was was super excited.  This was our inspiration to dress up:

Look and I even tried copying this pose, haha!

So on Saturday morning I set the table, using my brand spanking new grey and yellow napkins (a birthday present from a friend, thanks Jolize), my gran's Cape dutch crockery and a little gift favour (nougat, rosemary twig and a photo of my European doors photo collection).

As everyone arrived we started drinking Mimosa's (half sparkling wine and half orange juice) and we all caught up on each others lives.  It was a beautiful morning and we relaxed on my balcony whilst taking in the views.

Nina and Jacqui

Nina and I

Jeanine, Nina, Jacky, me and Jacqui

Jeanine, me and Jacqui


All the beautiful ladies

My sister recently made us these these breakfast tarts, they looked so fancy and tasted delish, so I thought I would make it for us.  I adjusted the recipe a bit and made a combination of these two pictures.  I had gouda cheese, parmesan, egg, bacon, tomatoes and rocket on the puff pastry.  I got the recipe here.  You can follow my Foodie board on Pinterest here.

Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest Inspiration

My version

Nina showed us how to sabrage champagne and me and Jacqui tried it out too and we were very impressed with ourselves that we got it right!

Everyone having breakkie


Jacqui, Jacky, me and Jeanine

Everyone dressed the part and looked fabulous, it was a great morning and I think I should host a breakfast for my girlfriends every month.

Jacqui, Jacky and me

Jacky and Jeanine

Jackie, me and Jeanine

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