Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 18: J-Bay shop till you drop, seafood dinner *Transkei Road Trip*

So some of you might know that J-Bay is the hub of surfing brand factory shops. This makes Natalie very happy. So up early as we had some serious shopping to do!

We started off at Ripcurl, but didn't find anything there. Next stop was RVCA. Here I bought a hoody and camo shorts. Then we went to Billabong. I was in shoppers heaven here. First I helped Jandre looking for boardshorts, shorts and shirts. Then it was over to me and I found t-shirts and bikinis. Jolize bought a hoody and Nico didn't find anything. They went to sit at a restaurant at the beach and had piƱa coladas. We met up again and then went back to the hut for a tuna salad lunch. Jolize and Nick grabbed their beach stuff. I wanted to go back to some shops as there was a few shops I didn't manage to get to. So Jandre pickled along with me whilst the other two were working on their tans on the beach. 

Finally I was tired of shopping and we went to a restaurant for an ice cold beer and natchos. Jolize and Nico joined us and they had some calamari. We missioned back to the hut and rested for a bit. Then we went for dinner at Tapas restaurant. Nico had prawns, Jolize had the line fish and calamari and Jandre and I had the prawns and calamari. We also had some jam jars. We were tired after a long day of shopping and all got into bed early. I was wondering about the fairytale of the princess and the pea, so I googled it and read it as a bedtime story to everyone. All good things comes to an end and unfortunately our holiday was coming to an end. 

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