Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day 17: Hogsback to J-Bay *Transkei Road Trip*

Sadly we were packing up again today and heading to J-Bay. This was the last time we had to pack up, as we were staying in one of Jolize's moms huts and there was no need for tent world anymore. Whoooohooo! After spending 14 days camping, we were quite gatvol as you could imagine!

Jennifer and Shani stayed in one of the cottages at Hogsback for the night, so we all decided to go for a breakfast. Jandre and I really wanted to see the Starways pottery and decided to go there while the rest of the party go and have breakkie. So off we went, found the turn off and travelled on the dirt road till we got to the entrance. There was no one around, we just walked about and found this sign:

So we followed the path to the pottery gallery, rang the gong, but no one appeared. Then we browsed and found some nice ceramic pieces. They were using the honesty system here where you help yourself and just leave the money. We wrote down what we took, wrapped it in bubble wrap and put the money in the book. This was quite fun actually! Just as we were about to leave, the owner appeared. He told us about a little event that they were having that night. He's wife is an opera singer,  she will be performing in the open air theatre and he will be making pizzas. We were sad that we couldn't attend, as it would have been an interesting night! We then headed back to the breakfast spot. We enjoyed our breakfast, said our goodbyes and off we were on the road again!

Five hours later we arrived at J-Bay and unpacked. We were quite tired from the drive so we all just lied around to rest a bit. We all freshened up and got ready to go for dinner in a proper restaurant. It was quite a good idea to stay at Jeffery's Bay for two nights, so that we can slowly but surely climatise back into the normal world, as we've pretty much been in very rural parts of the county.

J-Bay was quite busy and finding a table in a restaurant wasn't really an easy task. So we drove around a bit and I jumped out in the rain to run into each restaurant and check if they have any tables. No luck! Then we found this beautiful restaurant called Kitchen Window on the beach, but they were also fully booked. We were desperate and said that we wouldn't mind sitting outside under one of the umbrellas. We ordered some cocktails and huddled up under the umbrella.  The restaurant owner came outside and told us that some bookings cancelled due to the rain and she's got a table for us inside. Luck was on our side. Big smiles. We ordered our food and were well impressed with our meals. Jandre had the prawns and the rest of us had the line fish with mash and organic baby vegetables. It was the most amazing mash I have ever eaten in my life. Jolize even broke her carb free diet and had a few forks full. Our waiter told us that the restaurant is currently voted the no 1 restaurant in J-Bay out of 40 restaurants. What was the chances we end up at the best restaurant in town? We weren't complaining!

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