Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 15: Coffee Bay to Hogsback...on the road again *Transkei Road Trip*

Fresh as a daisy. That's how we felt on this fine morning. We had some yogurt and mango for breakkie and then started packing up. By 9am we were done and on the road again. 

It wasn't long before we were starving again as the fruit and yogurt didn't keep us full for long. Steers seemed to be our hero this holiday. Once again it was the only decent place we could find to get food from in some small town. 280 kms and 4 hours later we arrived at Hogsback at about 4pm. The little town reminds you of Knysna and we were camping at a place called 'Away with the Fairies'. 

It had a few huts and was also a backpackers. The best thing was that it had free wifi! So I managed to post all my blog posts that I couldn't do before. Happy Natty! 

We went on a tour around the camp and the backpackers and discovered a bath in the middle of nowhere. You can just bath there in the middle of the forest. Bliss! Then we found a 15 meter high treehouse. Jandre and I climbed up and watched the sunset. You can also see the three Hogsback mountains and just endless rows of trees in the forest. We had a lovely swim in the swimming pool which was very refreshing. We braaided sausage, mielies and made cauliflower mash.

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