Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 14: Christmas bed under the Gazebo with a sea view *Transkei Road Trip*

Hello 2014. Headache. Heat. Thirst. Hungover. 

It was impossible to get any sleep in the tents. There was no trees which meant no shade. So we tossed and turned trying to get a bit of shut eye. We felt like rotisserie chickens, just turning from your back, onto your hip, then your tummy and then your other hip. Repeat. Open tent for fresh air to come in. Swarms of flies attacking you. Sigh. Do the rotisserie chicken dance again. Sweat dripping from your face. Not a nice way to wake up on the first day of 2014, but it was totally worth it as we had such a great NYE party. 

So by 9:00 we couldn't take it anymore and decided to move the mattresses to under the little bit of shade under the gazebo. It was lovely to lie there and let the breeze just blow over you. The flies were still under attack though. We had sessions of covering our bodies in peaceful sleep and tabard to try and keep the flies away. At 11:00 Jolize and Nico joined us and put their mattress next to our mattresses. We had a lovely big Christmas bed under the gazebo in the shade. We just read and ate our left over chops and braai broodjies, drifting off to the dream world every so often.

I went to buy some mussels and Jandre and I cleaned them. Then Nico and Jolize made the mussel pot and we ate it with buttered fire toasted bread. Delicious. We were tired and crept into bed.

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