Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Day 13: Snorkel, hole in the wall, NYE *Transkei Road Trip*

Sleeping late whilst camping is unheard of, especially here in the Transkei where the sun starts rising at 5:00. You could try and sleep late, but might die of over heating as the tents get very hot in the sun. Jolize and I ate leftover potjie for breakfast and I made the boys bird in a nest and viennas. Bird in a nest is when you take a piece of bread and make a hole in the bread, butter it on both sides, fry it brown on one side, flip it and then break an egg in the middle. After breakkie we got our snorkeling gear ready and walked down to the rock pools. The water was a bit cold but it warmed up eventually. We saw a lot of the same fish that we saw at The Kraal, but less rock creatures like sea urchins etc. We did see two crayfish which was pretty cool.

Then we got all our stuff ready again and off we went to Hole in the wall. The Hole in the wall was the most beautiful site that I have seen on this trip. We found a cool spot in the shade under a tree and packed out our picnic lunch which was ham, tomato pesto, bread, cucumber, cheese, carrots and smoke mussels. We ate and just absorbed the view. We took a few photos and chilled under the tree. We walked around a bit and explored. Perfect way to spend the last day of 2013. 

We went back to camp and went to the White Clay restaurant. I had fish and chips and the rest had calamari. Afterwards we went back to the camp and braaied some chops and made braai broodjies. We packed it away so we can eat it the next day when we are all hungover. Clever thinking right? Yes we were all impressed with ourselves.

It was NYE and we were all feeling a bit excited. Earlier we drove around town to check which NYE party we should go to. There was two strong options. One was at the Bomvu backpackers which was a trance party and then another trance party on top of the hill, which was very close to where we were staying. We chatted to the guy from the party on top of the hill and it seemed that it would be a more chilled option so we decided that we will go to that party. 

Everyone got ready and all dolled up. We had some champers and were ready to go! We arrived at the party on top of the hill and we were the first people to arrive there. It looked pretty quiet and it was already 10pm so we decided to go to the other Bomvu party. We rocked up there and it was already pumping. We danced and missioned around. It was loads of fun! Before we knew it, it was 4am. Time flies when you are having fun. Ditto! So we headed back up to the party on the hill and it was still quiet, but the sun was starting to rise. So we found a spot on the hill to watch the first sunrise of 2014. What a show off of a sunset! Wowzers it was a beaut! Bye bye 2013, it was a great year!

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