Monday, 30 December 2013

Day 12: Walk about town, cabin fever, burgers and swimming *Transkei Road Trip*

So after spending time with the same people for 11 days, you should theoretically get tired of each other. We haven't yet, but to nip it in the bud before cabin fever started breaking out, we decided to split up for the day. So Nico and Jolize went together and then me and Jandre spent the day together. Nico and Jolize walked through the town and went into all the little shops and backpackers and me and Jandre did pretty much the same. We bought Jandre plakkies, because his broke the night before. Then both parties went to separate beaches. Me and Jandre had a swim in the ocean and then baked in a sun a bit. The tide was coming in and we build a little wall with the sand to protect is from the incoming waves. Our coastal engineering skills could only withstand the water for so long and eventually the waves won and we our towels got a bit wet. 

There wasn't much sand left to sit on, so decided that it was beer o'clock time. Well we thought it was, but then I got distracted by the local ladies selling beads. On the way to the beach I already bought some bracelets from three of the ladies and then the other three was upset with me that I didn't support them. So I bought more necklaces and bracelets from them and in the end I bought something from every lady. Shame they were so happy. I had to buy two of everything otherwise I would want to keep everything for myself and not give any away as presents.

We walked to the Bomvu backpackers and checked where they were going to have the NYE party. It looked pretty sick with everything being in between trees etc. They were playing some hectic trance and I couldn't believe the following words coming from my mouth: "Is there anywhere else we can go eat, as this music is a bit hectic and we looking for something a bit more chilled." Haha I must be getting old!

So we walked down the street and found a place called "Yah Drums". Ja this place was definitely more chilled. We ordered a burger and had some beer. Then guess who walked past us? Jolize and Nico. So they joined us and also ate lunch. 

We got back to Camp Awesome and I started making the curry chicken potjie. We also bought some crayfish and steamed them for our starters. Man oh man did I enjoy the crayfish. The potjie came out so lekker and we ate to our hearts content. Then it was sleepy time again. Another amazing day done and dusted.

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