Saturday, 28 December 2013

Day 10: The Kraal river day and mussel pot *Transkei Road Trip*

Jolize made us a beautiful omelette cheese which we ate on the deck whilst checking out the view. 

We needed a chillaxing day so we took our time to get our things together and went to lie under a tree by the sea and the lagoon and read. The dudes were getting ants in their pants so they went to explore the forest across from the lagoon. Us girls started getting peckish and missioned back to the kitchen. We were ready with our forks in our hands to chow some of the left over potjie and as we got to the fridge it was empty. We were super disappointed. Turns out that the owner cleaned out the fridge and threw away any items that he thought was old. Ah well no point in crying over spilt milk. 

We bought some mussels from the locals and made a super delicious mussel pot with onions, garlic, white wine and white onion soup. We also had some buttered bread that we dunked in the sauce to soak up the juices. Us girls played pictionary with some other people that was also staying there and the dudes played chess.

We got quite tired and went to the tent. Jolize stayed for a bit longer to play further. We were too lazy to cook, so we just cut up some ham, tomato and cucumber and ate that. Chillaxing day done and dusted and we were ready for bed. It's holiday after all so doing as little as possible is totally acceptable. Tomorrow was a new day. 

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