Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 9: The Kraal fishing day *Transkei Road Trip*

Don't put your expectations or goals too high in the Transkei! This is some advice that we received from a regular that comes to The Kraal. Things just take longer here, time goes by slower and life's pace is just chilled. 

We started our day with scramble egg, tomato and sausages that Jolize made for us. Then another backpacker Steve said that he will take the boys to fish. Us girls went with and chilled on the beach. Some of the young local girls just came to sit next to us and crawled like leopards to under our umbrella and stole our shade. It was quite strange, as we couldn't speak Xhosa to them and they couldn't speak English. Anyways we had a swim, read and tanned. The dudes didn't catch any fish and Steve took us to shark point and also to the Aster shipwreck.


We got back to The Kraal and bought oysters from the locals and chowed that accompanied with ice cold savanna and wine, whilst absorbing the beautiful view. 

After that we went to snorkel in the rock pools. The sea bed was very tropical, we saw massive sea urchins, very large sea snail, zebra fish, and various other fish. Nico cracked open a sea urchin and we all ate some of the sea caviar. 

Then we went downstairs to the communal area at The Kraal and Nico chopped wood, while I started chopping up the vegetables for the beef potjie. I showed Steve how to make the beer bread, as his never made beer before and then I assisted Jandre to make the potjie. We had a lovely evening chilling with the rest of the people that was also staying at The Kraal.

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