Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 8: Mbotyi to The Kraal *Transkei Road Trip*

Day 8: Mbotyi to The Kraal

Having a hungover on packing up-setting-up-day is not a good thing. Jandre and I went to go sleep at 2:30am and we weren't feeling that hot. 

So we started with packing up the kitchen, the tents and everything else. We needed petrol, food and booze. This is not as easy as when you are back home, you would just stop at a shop and get your supplies. No here everything is a mission. So the nearest petrol station was in Lusikisiki, so we went there, but were told that there was no petrol at both petrol stations that we went to. We saw a Spar and we did our shopping there. Then there was a bottle store where we bought our booze. In Port st John's we found petrol. Yay! 

Jandre insisted on driving so that he could drive his hangover away. Instead of sitting in the car the whole day and feeling sorry for himself. It was a good plan and I was happy that I didn't have to drive.

We arrived at The Kraal after 200 kms. Wow this place was off the grid. It was in an amazing setting. The Kraal was set on the rolling green hills with the glimmering ocean peaking through the hills. It was an Eco village which meant no electricity and if you wanted to have a hot shower you would have to stoke the donkey, which meant making a fire to heat up the water. This had us excited! 

First things first. We had to set up camp. It was raining and we weren't too keen to set up camp, but eish, did we really have a choice? So we got started and pushed through. 

Me and Jandre slept our hangover off while Jolize and Nico went downstairs to get to know the locals and the fellow backpackers. We ordered food from the locals, which consisted of curry chicken, mash, pap, spinach and butternut. It was very good. Yummo!

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