Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 6: Mbotyi - lets get tropical *Transkei Road Trip*

Waking up to rain is soothing, but after a while you would like it to stop. We were in a tropical area, so summer rain was expected with 96% humidity. 

Me, Jandre and Nico went for a trail run through the rural area, forest and hills by the sea. It was a beautiful run and we were spoilt by such breath taking scenery.

We got back to the camp, showered and got ready for the day. I wasn't feeling to hot and had a suspicion that I caught the bug that Jolize had the day before. We felt like exploring and went to see if we could find the backpackers that me and Nico saw the previous day. We couldn't actually find it, but did drive around on some 4x4 tracks. Everyone's tummies were grumbling, except mine, so they decided that they were going to have lunch at the River Lodge and I went to the beach. They scored a dirt cheap lunch at R30 each. I couldn't even think of the thought of food and just wanted to lie under the umbrella on the beach. I got to the beach and was welcomed by a herd of cows that was chilling by the beach. There were cows everywhere in the Transkei and we have taken so many photos of them. It's not that we not used to seeing cows around. It's just that seeing cows at the beach is weird and not common in Cape Town. I think I will definitely have enough photos of cows to dedicate a whole Facebook album just to Cows of the Transkei.
Anyways enough babbling about cows. The beach was lovely. We just chilled, read and the boys took a swim. The wind started coming up and then we were basically sandblasted of the beach.

We headed back to Camp Awesome and I just had a lie down in my tent as I still wasn't feeling great. The guys cracked open some beers and Jolize started prepping for our Christmas Eve dinner. We all had a nap and when we got up Jolize revealed her surprise which was flashing fairy lights which they attached to the gazebo poles. I don't think that I mentioned that we all made a deal that every person should bring a secret surprise item. Nico also whipped out his surprise which was cinnamon incense sticks. Now there was a very warm ambience at Camp Awesome. 

For our Christmas dinner, we made starter rump steaks, salad and cabbage stir fry. We popped some champers and all had a glass. Then we opened our Christmas presents. Every person had to bring one present for someone else. We were all stoked with our presents. Then we played 30 seconds. Jolize and I won! All in all I would say that it was a great Old Christmas Eve.  

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