Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 5: Mbotyi beach day *Transkei Road Trip*

Not a better way to start your day, than trail running through the Transkei. Nico and I ran through the village of Mbotyi, then to the backpackers. From there we ran along the beach and then we had to take off our shoes and walk through the lagoon to get back to our camping spot. What breath taking views, it doesn't even feel that you are exercising.

Jolize was feeling a bit sick so she slept late. I'm not sure what Jandre's excuse was. Well he didn't need one, cause his on holiday after all. 

Nico made us breakkie which consisted of eggs, fried onions and pork sausages. Then we washed our washing and hung it up, hoping it would dry in this tropical weather. The boys went to go check out Franks one stop shop. The only shop in about 100 kms. They brought back some good news. Oh not sure if I mentioned that we were running low on supplies. Anyways, they found tomatoes, cabbage, cigarettes and eggs. We weren't gonna starve to death after all. 

We all got ourselves beach ready. The boys loaded the boat on the roof of the car and we went to the beach. Jolize and I set up our spot between the lagoon and the beach. The boys went off in the boat and pumped some prawns out of the lagoon. It was pure bliss just chilling in the sun and reading while perving over the stunning views. Me and Jolize both had a cat nap. The best to have a snooze on the beach. 

We headed back to the camp, but first stopped by some locals selling handmade jewellery and handbags. Jolize and I both bought a bracelet and a handbag. Then we went pass Franks shop and bought some Coke, Black Label quarts, bread and butter.

Back at camp Awesome we ate some leftover salads for lunch and drank our quarts. Then the dudes started getting their fishing gear ready. Jolize went for a nap and the boys went to fish. I read and just chilled. This Mbotyi campsite is so tiny and there's only about 10 camping spots, so we were very lucky to get a place here.

The guys came back with loads of different stories about the fishing expedition. One of them being that Jandre caught a small fish and Nico cut out the eyes to use for bait. 

We wanted to eat crayfish for dinner, but no locals came around who we could buy from. So we opted for some oysters. We played Rummy and Rummicub, which was loads of fun. Then Jandre braaied some sausage and braai broodjies. We also had potatoes that was cooked on the coals. Delicious camp meal!

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