Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 4: Cintsa to Mbotyi *Transkei Road Trip*

We slept late. (7am, which is late for this part of the world) I wouldn't say we slept like babies. Thanks to all the Jagermeister. Eventually we dragged our asses out the tent. I mixed some rehydrate for us just to get ourselves right again. Then we started with the packing up of our home. 

We had 300 kms to cover, but the roads were getting worse and the cars on the road didn't have a clue how to drive. So it took us quite long to get to Mboyti. We only arrived in the afternoon at about 3pm. Then we started setting up the camp. That took quite a while. 

Once set up we took a drive to the beach and then through the rural area where the locals live. All their houses are on prime location spots with the most incredible views!

We headed back to camp and started preparing our yummy dinner which consisted of: rump steak with cheese sauce, cous cous salad, roast butternut, pesto green beans and a green salad. A meal fit for kings. After that it was like you would say in Afrikaans: magie vol, ogies toe. We had full tummies and were ready for bed.

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