Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 3: Cintsa Buccaneers *Transkei Road Trip*

Again we slept like babies! Oh but we were woken up at 4:30 am from the alarm going off. It was a malfunction. Jandre went running. Michelle prepared a delicious continental breakfast for us. We are being spoilt rotten once again! We used the hoist to get all our belongings down to the car, as walking 80 steps up and 80 steps down every time can be exhausting! We bid our farewells and then we had a little bit of time to kill as we were only allowed to check in at 10:30 at Buccaneers.

We just drove through Cintsa (which isn't big at all) and then came across a market. I saw the most beautiful ice bucket (R40), a decanter (R25) and Jolize saw a vintage Art Deco soda stream (R85). We tried to convince the boys to let us buy it, but they said no as there is no space. They said that the only way we were allowed to buy our little found treasures, was if we discarded the same volume of clothing that the items would take up, but that was never going to happen. Jolize did find an exquisite African bead necklace and I found a beaded cross necklace. We were happy that we could buy something at least!

Then we were off again and arrived at Buccaneers backpackers. This was actually just across the lagoon from where we stayed the previous night with Sandro and Michelle. We just heard that this place is so cool so we thought we have to stay a night. Last night was the last night that we slept on beds. From here on further we will be camping! In hindsight it was a bit silly to book a camping spot here, as it was quite a mission to set up all the tents and the kitchen for one night only. Anyways we didn't have a choice so just got on with it. It wasn't so bad in the end! We hoisted our Pirate flag and it was all fine!

Shani and Jennifer came to join us for a braai. Jennifer surprised us with some oysters which we enjoyed so much. Jandre got an injury as he cut himself with the oyster. It was his first time eating an oyster so hope his not scared off. Then Nico and Jolize both got cuts while making the salad. 

Jennifer also brought us a Carpenter and Red Snapper fish. We braaied that and Jolize made us broccoli and bacon salad and a green salad. 

Then we went to the pool bar for a drink and a splash. I told the barman that we were there last night and he was like ya I remember you! Then the other barman said do we remember who fell on the ping pong table and broke it? We just played along and humoured him. We had a lovely swim in the pool.

Then we went back to chill at our camping area for a while. Me and Nico took a walk on the beach. Then Nico braaied the two red snapper fish and the rest of us passed out! Jolize still woke up after a while, but me and Jandre slept right through.

Lessons learnt:
New Sanlam knives are dangerous, as well as oysters.

Word of the day: Angus (male name aka Jandre)

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