Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 2: Gonubie to Cintsa *Transkei Road Trip*

We all slept like babies. NN went for a run. JJ slept in. Jennifer made us a lovely breakfast of scramble eggs and bacon. Then we got the fishing gear ready and walked across the road to go fish. Caught a whole big load of nothing, but we did practice quite a few times how to get your line loose when it gets stuck on a rock. Nico found some sea urchins and extracted the bright orange caviar and fed it to us. It was bloody lekker and tastes like the ocean. Nico says that you can just take the caviar and chuck it with some spaghetti and whalaa you have a decadent meal! Yummo we should try it later on in the trip! It was lovely just chilling by the sea and absorbing the fresh sea breeze. Jolize worked on her tan a bit more and we had a few beers. 

It was lunch time and we were hungry again. Must be the sea air that gives us such an appetite. We went to the famous pancake house. We had savory pancakes. Nico had a biltong and cheese filling, Jolize had spinach and feta filling, Jandre had bacon and cheese filing, Jennifer and I had chicken and pepper sauce filling and Shani had chicken and mushroom filling. 

We said our goodbyes and then started missioning to Cintsa. It was a short drive which we were grateful for. We were received by our gracious hosts, Sandro and Michelle. They are old friends of mine and I haven't seen in quite a few years. They are retired and stay for 5 months of the year in Italy and 7 months of the year in their stunning house here in Cintsa. The house is at the end of a road and are suspended on stilts. They have the most amazing views of the lagoon and the forest. They love birds and have built a bird stand where they put a fruit kebab and a special bread that Sandro make for them out to snack on. Jolize fed the one Hornbill mini meat balls and he ate out of her hand! We also saw a fish eagle bird and I can't remember all the other beautiful birds we saw. We encountered quite a few creatures here. We came across a frog, a rhino bug and an Albino gecko which was in the bed. He probably wanted to cuddle Jolize and Nico haha! 

We went for a walk down the jetti right by their house and played stuck in the mud. We didn't really play it, but the mud was like quick sand and Nico did get stuck all the way up to his knees. 

Sandro made us an authentic Italian lasagne and focaccia and Michelle made us a salad. Jolize even broke her carb free diet and indulged. Yes. It was that good. Then we were treated to a dark chocolate mouse that Michelle made for us. It was so good! Just as we thought that this was it, Sandro whipped out his home made Limoncello. He got a new recipe from his neighbor in Italy and this version had cream with. It was so yummo!

Then we called it a night and had an early one. 

Lessons learnt: Easten Cape Mosquitos prefer Nico's blood instead of Jolize, usually it's the other way around (Jolize got 14 bites, eina!), quick sand exists.

Word of the day: sop (adjective that can be used in front of almost any noun)

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