Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Day 13: Snorkel, hole in the wall, NYE *Transkei Road Trip*

Sleeping late whilst camping is unheard of, especially here in the Transkei where the sun starts rising at 5:00. You could try and sleep late, but might die of over heating as the tents get very hot in the sun. Jolize and I ate leftover potjie for breakfast and I made the boys bird in a nest and viennas. Bird in a nest is when you take a piece of bread and make a hole in the bread, butter it on both sides, fry it brown on one side, flip it and then break an egg in the middle. After breakkie we got our snorkeling gear ready and walked down to the rock pools. The water was a bit cold but it warmed up eventually. We saw a lot of the same fish that we saw at The Kraal, but less rock creatures like sea urchins etc. We did see two crayfish which was pretty cool.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Day 12: Walk about town, cabin fever, burgers and swimming *Transkei Road Trip*

So after spending time with the same people for 11 days, you should theoretically get tired of each other. We haven't yet, but to nip it in the bud before cabin fever started breaking out, we decided to split up for the day. So Nico and Jolize went together and then me and Jandre spent the day together. Nico and Jolize walked through the town and went into all the little shops and backpackers and me and Jandre did pretty much the same. We bought Jandre plakkies, because his broke the night before. Then both parties went to separate beaches. Me and Jandre had a swim in the ocean and then baked in a sun a bit. The tide was coming in and we build a little wall with the sand to protect is from the incoming waves. Our coastal engineering skills could only withstand the water for so long and eventually the waves won and we our towels got a bit wet. 

There wasn't much sand left to sit on, so decided that it was beer o'clock time. Well we thought it was, but then I got distracted by the local ladies selling beads. On the way to the beach I already bought some bracelets from three of the ladies and then the other three was upset with me that I didn't support them. So I bought more necklaces and bracelets from them and in the end I bought something from every lady. Shame they were so happy. I had to buy two of everything otherwise I would want to keep everything for myself and not give any away as presents.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Day 11: The Kraal to Coffee Bay *Transkei Road Trip*

It was that time again. Packing up! Yay! To be honest we were a bit gatvol! As we went to sleep early the night before, we were well rested and woke up fresh. Which is good as we have learnt the hard way that being hungover on packing-up-driving-setting-up-day is not a good idea. We were laying in our tents while listening to the drizzling of the rain against our tents. It was cozy and soothing. Then we started with the packing up. We were becoming pros at this. We said our goodbyes to all the friends we made and we were on the road again. 

We stopped off in Mthatha to get some supplies and some booze for the next few days. We were all starving and were super happy to find a Steers. Nico got us all burgers and we munched it in the car. Then Nico drove further. I was writing the blog posts and eventually we got to Coffee Bay. It was a pretty small little town, but damn it was gorgeous.  

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Day 10: The Kraal river day and mussel pot *Transkei Road Trip*

Jolize made us a beautiful omelette cheese which we ate on the deck whilst checking out the view. 

We needed a chillaxing day so we took our time to get our things together and went to lie under a tree by the sea and the lagoon and read. The dudes were getting ants in their pants so they went to explore the forest across from the lagoon. Us girls started getting peckish and missioned back to the kitchen. We were ready with our forks in our hands to chow some of the left over potjie and as we got to the fridge it was empty. We were super disappointed. Turns out that the owner cleaned out the fridge and threw away any items that he thought was old. Ah well no point in crying over spilt milk. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 9: The Kraal fishing day *Transkei Road Trip*

Don't put your expectations or goals too high in the Transkei! This is some advice that we received from a regular that comes to The Kraal. Things just take longer here, time goes by slower and life's pace is just chilled. 

We started our day with scramble egg, tomato and sausages that Jolize made for us. Then another backpacker Steve said that he will take the boys to fish. Us girls went with and chilled on the beach. Some of the young local girls just came to sit next to us and crawled like leopards to under our umbrella and stole our shade. It was quite strange, as we couldn't speak Xhosa to them and they couldn't speak English. Anyways we had a swim, read and tanned. The dudes didn't catch any fish and Steve took us to shark point and also to the Aster shipwreck.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 8: Mbotyi to The Kraal *Transkei Road Trip*

Day 8: Mbotyi to The Kraal

Having a hungover on packing up-setting-up-day is not a good thing. Jandre and I went to go sleep at 2:30am and we weren't feeling that hot. 

So we started with packing up the kitchen, the tents and everything else. We needed petrol, food and booze. This is not as easy as when you are back home, you would just stop at a shop and get your supplies. No here everything is a mission. So the nearest petrol station was in Lusikisiki, so we went there, but were told that there was no petrol at both petrol stations that we went to. We saw a Spar and we did our shopping there. Then there was a bottle store where we bought our booze. In Port st John's we found petrol. Yay! 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 7: Christmas at Mbotyi *Transkei Road Trip*

Rise and shine everybody! Everyone felt fantastic. We had a nice big breakfast to fill up our tummies for the lekker hike that was lying ahead for us. 

This would be everyone's first time having an unconventional Christmas.  We were going to go to drive a 4x4 track to the Waterfall Bluff and have an amazing adventure, then enjoy a picnic lunch. Screw the traditional Christmas vibes, spending time inside, eating a massive meal and opening presents. Then eating some more and then passing out on the couch. We are in Transkei and we are living the life.

So we packed our picnic lunch which consisted out of salami, leftover braai steak from the previous night (cucumber, cheese, smoked mussels, bread, sundried tomatoes), then we jumped in the Cruiser and off we went. So we had some maps and the gps and between the two we eventually got to our destination after quite a few wrong turns. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 6: Mbotyi - lets get tropical *Transkei Road Trip*

Waking up to rain is soothing, but after a while you would like it to stop. We were in a tropical area, so summer rain was expected with 96% humidity. 

Me, Jandre and Nico went for a trail run through the rural area, forest and hills by the sea. It was a beautiful run and we were spoilt by such breath taking scenery.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 5: Mbotyi beach day *Transkei Road Trip*

Not a better way to start your day, than trail running through the Transkei. Nico and I ran through the village of Mbotyi, then to the backpackers. From there we ran along the beach and then we had to take off our shoes and walk through the lagoon to get back to our camping spot. What breath taking views, it doesn't even feel that you are exercising.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 4: Cintsa to Mbotyi *Transkei Road Trip*

We slept late. (7am, which is late for this part of the world) I wouldn't say we slept like babies. Thanks to all the Jagermeister. Eventually we dragged our asses out the tent. I mixed some rehydrate for us just to get ourselves right again. Then we started with the packing up of our home. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 3: Cintsa Buccaneers *Transkei Road Trip*

Again we slept like babies! Oh but we were woken up at 4:30 am from the alarm going off. It was a malfunction. Jandre went running. Michelle prepared a delicious continental breakfast for us. We are being spoilt rotten once again! We used the hoist to get all our belongings down to the car, as walking 80 steps up and 80 steps down every time can be exhausting! We bid our farewells and then we had a little bit of time to kill as we were only allowed to check in at 10:30 at Buccaneers.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 2: Gonubie to Cintsa *Transkei Road Trip*

We all slept like babies. NN went for a run. JJ slept in. Jennifer made us a lovely breakfast of scramble eggs and bacon. Then we got the fishing gear ready and walked across the road to go fish. Caught a whole big load of nothing, but we did practice quite a few times how to get your line loose when it gets stuck on a rock. Nico found some sea urchins and extracted the bright orange caviar and fed it to us. It was bloody lekker and tastes like the ocean. Nico says that you can just take the caviar and chuck it with some spaghetti and whalaa you have a decadent meal! Yummo we should try it later on in the trip! It was lovely just chilling by the sea and absorbing the fresh sea breeze. Jolize worked on her tan a bit more and we had a few beers. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 1: Cape Town to Gonubie *Transkei Road Trip*

Day 1:

If all started when I looked at a photo of my gran and grand father under a palm tree on a beach. It looked like pure bliss. I asked them where the photo was taken and they said Coffee Bay in the Transkei. It was then, 15 years ago, that I decided I had to go!

A lot happened in 15 years. My grand parents passed away. Life went by, but the opportunity to go to Coffee Bay never arised. Until one day a friend, Jolize, told me that they are planning to go to Transkei this December and asked if I wanted to join. 

So we all had dinner together and discussed the prospects of the trip. It was going to be Jolize, her husband, Nico and their friend Jandre that was coming with on the trip.

Jolize is an events manager so she is super organised. Nico had his own plumping business, he is super keen on nature and fishing. Jandre is a construction site manager, he also loves fishing and I'm sure I'm going to get to know him better and can tell you more about him then. Oh and his got a Toyota Land Cruiser and we will be going up in that baby. Yeah!

After a whole lot of meetings, braais, bottles of wine, emails and lists we booked the following accommodation and finalised our itinerary:

Gonubie, Cintsa, Bacaneers, Mboyti, the Kraal in Port st Johns, Coffee Bay, Hogsback, Jeffereys, Home.

We are going for a total of 18 days. The first night we are staying in Gabubie with friends of Nico and Jolize. The second night we are staying of friends of mine in Cintsa. Then we are staying another night in Cintsa in Baccuneers as we heard we just have to stay there! Next stop is Mboyti where we will camp for 4 nights. After that we going to a spot called The Kraal which is near Port st Johns, but we were warned that there is no electricity and we should not even ask if they can charge our phones. Really looking forward to that place. We are camping there for 3 nights. Then we hitting up White Clay Resort in Coffee Bay where we will be camping for 4 days. Here we will be spending New Year's Eve. We heard that there is a lekker NYE trance type jol there not too be missed. Then we going to camp at Hogsback for 2 nights. Also heard that this place is magical. Sadly our trip comes to an end and we start heading back, stopping over in Jeffreys Bay for two nights.

We all got together on the 18th of December at Jandre's house and started packing the car. It was quite surprising that we managed to get everything into the Land Cruiser. We started driving at 9pm right through the night. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Never again.

The boys took turns with driving and swopped every 200kms. They barely slept and were knackered. Me and Jolize had about 4 hours sleep in total. By 7am we were ravenous and were on the look out for a Wimpy so we can have breakkie. We stopped in Graham's town, but only found a KFC and it was still closed. So we decided to keep on driving and look out for another breakfast spot. By this time we were starving and certain people were licking out the chip packets and we had a few beers cause we were desperate! Then a Wimpy appeared out of nowhere like an oasis! (King Williams Town) We chowed so much that we had to loosen up our buttons of our pants to make room for the food babies.

We arrived at Nico and Jolize's friends B&B, the Crowned Crane, in Gonubie. We showered and then the guys took a nap and Jolize and myself went to the bottle store to buy some champers. We went to the beach and had a little bit of a tan and champers.