Thursday, 24 October 2013

Natsnotfazed Monthly Mixes - Silly September

I know, I know, this one is a bit late!  Sorry!  I can't exactly blame it on being busy.  I went to RTD and then had two chilled weekends thereafter.  I was sick when I came back from RTD, due to running around in the cold and the wind.  Then last weekend I just socialised and didn't work on any projects, which I haven't done in ages.  Kind of nice to just chill on a weekend.  I missed that.

I want to share my Natsnotfazed Monthly Mix with you, here's some tunes that I have been listening to in September and a bit in October.  Some bands worth mentioning is: Yo La Tengo, Young Magic and my friends Gideon & Heinrich.  I'm working my way through these bands one song at a time.  I love these two songs by Gideon & Heinrich: The Mourning After and Beautiful Maze (Of Misery).  I can really relate to 'The Mourning After' and love the lyrics, especially: 'These hangovers teach us nothing'  You can follow them on Soundcloud here.

I hope you enjoy the mix, it's great background music for a Sunday morning while doing some admin, or listen to it through your earphones while you walk your dog, or you can even listen to it at work while doing some Excel spread sheets. Whatever tickles your fancy!  Download it from Dropbox here. If you don't know how Dropbox work, I explained it here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pattern - a repeated decorative design.

These are the last of my photos that I haven't shared with you yet from my Eurotrip.  There were two parts to my trip: The Camino Hike and then a bit of Europe.  When I came back everyone asked which place was my favourite that I visited.  I was in France, Portugal and Spain.  It was hard for me to answer, as I felt like I first had to process everything before I could come to a conclusion.  The one night I went for dinner at my friends place and she asked me about my trip and I told her everything from start to finish.  It was like a weight off my shoulders and it was easy to talk about my trip after that.  My favourite place that I went to was Porto in Portugal.  It was so colourful, quaint and full of patterns.

Here's my photo diary of all the patterns that I saw:  



Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rock your Daisy

Us three girls in the car (before we got lost)
I was very excited to go to RTD (Rocking the Daisies) music festival, especially to see Alt-J!  I took a half day at work and went to pick up the other two chicks that was car pooling with me.  I printed out a map from Google maps, as I wanted to save my phone battery so I could find my other friends once I got there.  Worst mistake ever!  Basically we arrived in Darling and went to the Spar to buy ice and after that everything went pear shaped.  We drove away from the Spar and wasn't sure where to go, so we followed these hot dudes in a Landrover (must be their daddy's car), as it looked like they were going to Daisies.  At a point they turned around and so did we.  A little bit later they turned around again and we followed suit.  We stopped next to each other, winded down the windows and said those train tracks over there must be the first train tracks that you are supposed to cross (according to the RTD directions) so we must be on the right track.  Little did we know that it was the right train tracks but at the wrong place and we were going in the opposite direction.  We ended up in Moreesburg. Long story short, it took us 3 hours to get to RTD instead of the estimated 1 hour and 10 minutes.  We were the lowest of low at one stage and thought that we would never get there!  I finally let my iphone maps direct us to Cloof Wine Estate and we were over the moon to see the incredibly long queue that confirmed that we at last found the spot!

Camping Area
When we arrived we let Nia go on the tractor that gives you a lift to the front gate and Jax and I carried the rest of the luggage.  Once inside we made ourselves comfortable and packed everything out.  We got some friends of ours to pitch our tents in advance so we were lucky not to have to deal with tent admin when we got there.  The camping area was super cramped though and looked like a squatter camp.  There was no space to walk between the tents and not enough space to put your camping chairs and table out to make a little 'kuier' area you know.  So next year my future boyfriend will have to pay for us to stay in the VIP camping or I will just have to save.  I hope it is the former. Haha!
Some of our FamFest members

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Get your Weaver on! A great way to meet people offline

When my friend told me about Weaver, I immediately went to check it out.  I liked the idea of meeting people offline.  As everything is online these days.  When chatting to my girlfriends, the conversation will go like this: "I went on a date last night" "Oh, really, with who? Show me a photo" "Ok let me get a hot photo on Facebook"  Seriously it's so terrible to judge someone on their looks and Facebook profile.  We all do it. Or you meet someone and you start sending each other whats apps.  Some people only know how to communicate in this way.  I don't like constantly sending a guy instant messages via whats app.  You create this perception about each other which might not be how things are in real life.   I really believe in communicating in the old school way!

  I decided a while ago to cut down the time I spent on my phone and want to avoid using instant messaging as much as I can.  Now I'm pretty much obsessed with Voice Notes.  It's so much quicker than typing and you can express yourself so much better with the tone of your voice.  I usually sing or make silly noises on voice notes, just for fun and to make the receiver laugh. 

Spending so much time in messaging through the social platforms such as bbm, whatss app, skype, gchat, twitter & facebook is so time consuming and tires you out emotionally. A lot of the time what's said can be interpreted the wrong way and just isn't real.  I would prefer to spend my time more constructively and rather get to meet the person face to face and then get to know them that way.  I just feel that my energy can be channelled to a more worthy and creative course.

If you feel the same way and are looking for a different and fun way to communicate to your friends or boyfriend / girlfriend, try just using visuals.  No typing allowed.  It pushes you to be creative and can be quite an amusing challenge!  I have done two posts about this, Seeing is Believing and Marco Polo.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Heritage Evening and Braai Day

This is the second year that I went to the Cool as Folk event hosted by Greenpop and once again I can say that it was a fabulous event.  What better way to celebrate your our roots for Heritage day but to listen to some of our local talented musicians?  The event was hosted at the Side Show (Old Fez) and the venue was transformed into a jungle with giraffes and elephants (not real ones, but people dressed up in suits) walking around.  I came a bit late, as I was at a braai at some mates in Kommetjie (yes I was blessed to have a pre-braai day braai!), so I missed Touchwood.  I will be seeing them at Rocking the Daisies though, yes! Jeremy Loops was super entertaining and great to dance to.  He's show is always great and the crowd goes crazy!  Here's some video snippets I took on the night:

Note the floating headless sheep, haha!