Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Restyling my Drinks Trolley

I have always been in love with drink trolleys and the decanters that goes on top of it!  My mom had her mothers trolley and I begged her to give it to me.  She said that I could borrow it for a while.  I placed it next to my couch with some magazines, my Gran's Chinese checkers and a plant.  I left it like that for a while.  My sister sent me a pin on Pinterest and I looked through a collection of images of drink trolley examples which inspired me to reorganise mine.  You can have a look at the post here.
These are the images that inspired me:

Check how this bar cart was restyled here.

Love the picture with the steak on the weber!

I realised that the trolley should be used for what it was intended for and decided that it's time to make it the drinks trolley it's suppose to be!  I moved it against the wall, next to the arm chair and then started looking through my cupboards for goodies to put on it.  I had the decanters that was on my sideboard.  Read more about how I restyled my sideboard here. So I placed the decanters (I need more booze to put in them!) and some glasses, straws, umbrellas and wine on the trolley.  I think it looks so rad!  I have always imagined coming home from a hard day at work and then asking my friend: "Could I interest you in some whiskey".  Then pour us a glass out of my sparkly decanters and we sit back and sip on it, while discussing life.  Kind of like a scene out of a soapy, like Egoli, in Chris Edwards study.  Haha!

Guest Room Cart

I recently came across this post where they put together a cart for the guest room.  As soon as I have a guest room, I will make a similar one up.  You can read the post here.

My Favourite one

This is my favourite drinks trolley by far.  I love the feature wall above it, it just brings it all together.  Read more about the trolley here.

Here's the pictures of my drinks trolley.  This I just threw together in 10 minutes, but I will be on the hunt for extra items to add to it to make it perfect!

I bought this in NYC

Green vase is from my Gran

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