Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Natsnotfazed Monthly Mixes - Oh My It's July

A while ago, I decided to share my monthly music mixes with you. I have had some requests for the next music mix and have only had time to put together a mix recently.  Apologies about the wait everyone!
I didn't make a June mix, as I was on my Eurotrip.  You can read about my trip day by day in older posts.

This months mix is mostly some of my favourite music that I haven't listened to in a while.  I have also added a Cape Town band called 'Gateway Drugs' which I absolutely love.  Then I added some of Deftones best tracks, as I am going to see them in August.

I recently discovered Soundcloud, you can follow me here.  I also created a 8 Track account and you can listen to my first mix here.  I dig another Cape Town band called Al Bairre that you will find in the 8 Track mix.  They will be playing at RTD this year.

Download this month's mix here, called 'Oh My It's July'.

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