Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Home Inspiration

One of my favourite blogs is A beautiful Mess. My infatuation with interiors frequently gets stimulated by the 'at home with...' posts that I find on there.  I am constantly busy with plotting how to improve and decorate my space and just really loved this post, 'At Home With Antonia Osswald'.

I love these dipped dyed curtains and think I might have to copy it for my foyer.  We recently learnt how to tie dye in Social Club, have a look how easy it is here.  I also found a link to Antonia's blog where she explains how to dye the curtains, it's in German though, but I am sure that Google Translate will help to decipher.

I'm also crazy about the window decals, which is so simple, but I would have never thought of doing it.  It just completes the whole look and its hellava cheap to do.  I also like the monochrome bedding, which is very on trend at the moment.  Just look at the balcony where I can just see myself sipping on a Chai Late.  The little table would be easy to install and would be very economical too. 

I want this cabinet in my room!  I have very little storage space in my apartment and am challenged to find a place for all my belongings.  This little guy will be perfect to store my rolled up towels in.  Will have to keep a look out for one of there. Putting in my order with the Universe.

Isn't this little table and chairs just adorable. I need it!  I love cooking in my kitchen and then having my friends sit with me while drinking a glass of wine.  I've been on the hunt for similar table and chairs.  Still have to get around to Milnerton market sometime and then going to Darling soon too.  I love finding pieces of furniture in quint towns.  It makes it so much more special.  I will post about what I find.

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