Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 8: Orrison - Burgette (total km walked: 29km) *Eurotrip - Camino*

Wakey wakey egg and backey! I wish! Instead we got Baguette and jam, coffee in a cereal bowl and OJ. The friendly Afrikaans man bought me a sandwich for the road for lunch. So I took my ticket to Juan-Jacques the chef. And he said: oh your telephone number merci! And pretended to be very disappointed that it was only my sandwich ticket. Funny man!

On the road again welcomed by rolling green hills for days. Alt-J, Bon Ivor, Calexico, Ben Howard, Boy keeping me company. Walked with the Denmark, French and Durango.

Love it when you get to that part of your holiday that you forget what day it is. That happened today. 

There were some big ass hills to climb and the wind was pumping like no tomorrow. Time to get the beanie, scarf and jacket out. After that I was just trying not to get blown off the mountain really. Was thinking that if I do get blown off, that I hope there would be someone ready with their phone to record it and post it on YouTube at least. For some reassurance there was SOS numbers up everywhere on every sign post with a Camino shell. These posts where about 80 meters apart and this would really help in the winter when there is barely any visibility with the fog and the snow. 

I was walking alone most of the time, but the thing is that you never really alone, if you just wait a bit someone will come around the corner to greet you. There was this middle aged couple that was holding hands while hiking and taking pictures every so often. That really warmed my heart. 

After we were on top of the mountain, we starting to walk through this serene forest. Luscious greeness for days covered in magical moss.

Through the forest and then up on a hill again, the. Surprise:  
snow! First snow I've seen since I was in UK, 8 years ago.

By this time I reached a very steep descent and I unusually love downhills, but this was tough. Met up with Denmark again and had a lovely chat. We also had a few laughs including me wiping on my ass! We arrived at Roncevellas which had a population of like 100 people. Everyone was having a siesta so the town was dead! We found a little restaurant with some familiar faces. We sat down and rewarded ourselves with a beer. Well Durango bought me a beer, because Nats still didn't have moola :( Denmark and I both agreed that we needed to find a supermarket to buy some fresh food and draw cash. We were tired of white baguettes. So four of us sitting at the table decided to mission on to the next town which was 3.5 Kms away called Burgettee. We started refilling our camel packs with water and got our backpacks ready. I got a blister so everyone was taking out their first aid kits and was super keen to assist. Got my foot doctored and back on goes the old hiking boots.  Just as we were about to leave my knight  in shining (Afrikaans dude) amour appears out of nowhere, just checking if I'm okay and if I need some cash. So he put a 20€ in my hand and I promised that I will give it back to him. He insists that I don't have to; I must just promise that I will visit him at his house in Stellenbosch. Seriously I have only known this man for two days and he has been so kind.

So four of us were off through another forest which was card the witches’ forest. Eerie! Arrived I'm Burgette and here the town was dead: siesta time! After walking from hostel to hostel we found one with two double rooms. I was with three guys and I know that two of them shared a tent and slept close to my tent in Orrison. One of them was a snorer! I'm a light sleeper, so I had to be front up and ask who the culprit was. I got the room with Bearman. Later on Bearman and Durango was blaming each other for being the snorer. I was going to wait till tonight to see who the guilty one is. Fingers crossed I chose the right one!

Mission to Supermarket. The shop owner was probably the happiest shop owner that I have seen in my life! Wish everyone could be so bloody joyful about their graft. I bought fresh fruits, chocolate, wine, cheese, chorizo, rice cakes and Pringles. 

The shop owner opened our bottles of wine and has us glasses. So we chilled at this picnic spot on a bench and packed out our spread. Man were we in heaven. 

Back to the hostel and realised we need more vino. So Denmark dashed to the shop again and I got my iPhone music going. Best room party ever until we got told to keep it down. 

So we decided to go grab some dinner somewhere. We went to a restaurant called Lunio and got a tapas combo plate and a few jugs of beer. And wait for it: FREE WIFI! The wifi slut was in her 5th element. 
Organized a couch with my mate in Pamplona and done!

Off back to the hostel to finish the rest of the wine and our inside voices! We have named our team: one for the road, four for the fun!

Random fact: I usually sneeze three times in a row, but since I've bed. Here it's only been two in a row. See I’m a changed woman already. Haha!

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