Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 6: BAB, Bayonne, Anglet and Biarittz Road trip *Eurotrip*

Early start. Mc Donald's coffee and croissants for breakkie. On the road enroute to Anglet.

Stopped at a Casino which is a supermarket here. Bought a French baguette, ham and cheese. I made the sandwiches in the car kitchen on the back seat. Was super yum! 

The Pyrenees Mountains were staring at us the whole way. They were covered in snow and looked quite daunting. Ok fine, let’s turn around and go home, don't want to hike anymore! Haha! Jokes.

So I chose to sit on the backseat so I can sort my backpack out. I forgot my towel and vitamins somewhere along the way. I was upset for 2 minutes and then I got over it, because ag you know it happens! Then I decided to write out the postcards (20 of them) in the car. Had to take a few breaks to fight off getting car sick. 

The one dude that came along, his aunt stays in Anglet and we were invited for lunch at their house. Bonus!

Arrived at Anglet at the aunt and her partner, they didn't speak a lot of French. But they were very welcoming. We sat down and had prawns for starters. Got told that prawns are like their peanuts with their beer in Anglet. Then we had pieces of duck breast and fried apple with baguette on the side. Man oh man the duck was super tender. After that we had two kinds if cheeses with some more baguette. For dessert we had gateau Basque which is a Basque cake Cherry flavour. We ended with some delicious coffee and dark sesame seed chocolate. Four course meal done & dusted. Wow now I was reds to roll to the beach. 

We went to Bayonne to a few stores.  It was like walking on a movie set in the streets. Pictures don't really do it any justice.  After that we picked up a few beers in Biarritz and went to the beach. We chilled here until 10 pm, yes it was still light. The beach was amazing and strange to see such old ruins next to the beach. There were a lot of surfers in the sea, but the swell was small. When nature calls, oyster calls. Only toilets are at bars or restaurants so we had to have a drink aka oyster shot at the bar so that we could use the toilet.

We went back to the dude’s aunt’s place and they ordered some take away pizzas. There was also a variety of saucisson and the one kind was donkey, which I tried. Not bad actually!

Chilling on the beach was quite calming and felt like just what I need to mentally prepare for the walk that I was going to start tomorrow. 

I didn't really plan much in detail for my trip, as I wanted to have the freedom to go with the flow and not be limited to set dates of plane or train tickets. I must say that having this attitude has really counted in my favour. I have been so blessed with everyone being so accommodating and welcoming. 

I only booked my ticket from South Africa to Paris and from Paris to Toulouse. I didn't know how I was going to get from Toulouse to St Jean de Pied du Port. In the end my mate took me with his car and we made a whole road trip out of it and its been such fun. He's also never been to the Basque Country, so for him it was epic too! Then his mate that come with, he's aunt offered that we stay over the night and the next day they offered to take me to the starting point of St Jean de Pied du Port. What a lucky girl I am!

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