Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 5: Lafrancaise, Carcassonne, Laubrac *Eurotrip*

Matin! Morning! We went to the village in Lafrancaise to pick up some croissants for breakfast. My friend made me a bowl of hot chocolate and I had a chocolate croissant. Super yum! It was weird to get a bowl to drink something out of. Guess it's normal here. 

Packed everything up and downloaded my monthly mix, which you can get in an earlier blog post here for the road trip to Carcassonne. 

Carcassonne is over 750 years old and a medieval city. I can totes see Rapunzel in the tower with her plait of hair hanging down. It's just so Amay may being surrounded by such history. Just imagine being here like 750 years ago! Taking photos to try and capture the awesomeness is just impossible really. First of all there are so many bloody tourists. How cool would it be if you could put on these special glasses so that all the other humans disappear, but you have sensors to prevent you from walking into the people. Then I would be able to take rad photos. 

Anyhoo we were just trapping around the old cobble path and looking at all the tourist stores.

Tummies were rumbling and we started looking for a restaurant. We found a cool restaurant and ordered foie gras and a salad each. I had the salad Au Margret which is dried duck breast. 
It was all delicious. 

Random French facts: they don't tip here and you never ask for a doggy bag.  I have seen pink toilet paper in at least 3 x people's flats in France. Weird! Toilet paper should be white.

We had some Rose wine. I asked for some ice on the side which is frowned upon as they don't really add ice to their drinks. Not cool! Lol!

Over lunch my friend mentioned his favourite salad dressing recipe. I thought I would share it with you even though I haven't tried it yet:

6 tablespoons veg oil
3 tablespoons vinegar brown
1 tsp. soya sauce
1 strong mustard
Black ground pepper & salt 

This friend of mine and I have a weird love hate relationship! So on the way back to Toulouse in the car we said that we are going to try and not disagree for an hour. It was a fun ride back!

I really want to buy a cool leather jacket while I'm in Europe and got told that there is a rad second hand shop in Toulouse that's worth checking out. So we went there but I didn't find much that I liked. Very cool stuff for guys though. Button up denim shirts, baseball jackets and military boots.

We then went back to the London Town pub. Had a few pints and a round of oyster shots. Think I started a trend here haha! Hungry again so we got some Subway. Yes I know should have had frog legs or snails, but doesn't seem that these guys eat it often! Another pint of beer & peach syrup at L'Enchanson. Believe it or not, we were still hungry and we went back to the one dudes flat round the corner where we were staying the night. He made us chilli con carne from two tins. A can of chilli and a can of mushrooms. Was pretty good actually. Early night, as tomorrow we off on the road trip to the beach in Bayonne! Au Revoir! Good night!

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