Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 3: Montmartre *Eurotrip*

After only getting home at the wee hours of the morning, I was surprised to wake up at 10. I thought let me take advantage of the wifi, as it’s actually hard to come by free wifi in Paris. So I started uploading my photos to Instagram. 

Today's mission was to see the Montmartre. We took the train to my friend’s friends place and I was grateful that I could leave my backpack at his flat, as it’s quite a walk up a hill to Montmartre. I was warned that it’s quite a steep hill, but it wasn't that bad actually. 

So don't make the mistake I did by thinking you will just rock up at the airport and know where to go. You won't! So just ask at the info desk where to go. I was running around like a headless chicken with my 12kg backpack on my back. I was sweating like a mofo, but glad that I managed to make my flight.

I arrived at Toulouse airport and my friend picked me up with a mate from SA. It was great to be around familiar faces. I got passed a small beer. Yes their beer comes in these small bottles which are 250ml. Random fact: when they ask if the beer is fresh then it means is it cold. Fresh = cold. Off we were to a pub cause it was someone's birthday. The pub was called The Classroom. We drank a few beers and shooters. The birthday girl offered us some macaroons which were out of this world. I have been eating sooo much. Don't know where I got the appetite from or maybe it's just that the food is totes amaze balls? I ate a lentil and salmon salad on the plane, macaroons, meat platter at the Classroom and a kebab after that. Yes I know its cray!

After that these boys still wanted to party and we went to the dodgiest club in Toulouse. We danced to some old tunes and had more beer, then we wanted to go home but my mate couldn't remember where we parked the car.  I was freezing my toes off and really needed the loo! The boys just peed in the street. This is very normal in France and that’s why the bloody streets stink of pee so much! Anyways we were walking through the streets looking for the car. Sigh. Not my fav! Eventually we found it and it was 5am and finally went to sleep. Long, but fun day!

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